Why do support topics become unlisted?

I was going to update my earlier topic/thread but discovered that it became unlisted, i.e., it will not be displayed in topic lists and can only be accessed via a direct link. Why is that? It looks like censorship. Are you trying to hide problems to look better?

I wanted to update it, so it can be beneficial to other users in the future but what’s the point now? I always search if someone had a similar problem before posting a support request. And it’s wasn’t Roon’s problem. I found an explanation later.

This unlisting has left a really sour feeling. This is the unlisted topic: "There was an issue loading your database" Windows 10 core

If this gets deleted I will have no choice but to take it to other media because I am allergic to censorship.

Sometimes roon support takes a topic offline with the original poster.

As an example, I reported an issue with my Nucleus that roon took offline when it became clear that it was just a hardware item failure. The rest of the discussion was about logistics of sending my part in for repair, and roon support collecting my contact info. The thread had never contained any troubleshooting or diagnostic info that would have been of any benefit to the community.

A useful pruning of what would have been a waste of a read for anyone else.


Hi @G_P! Thanks for reaching out, and I’m sorry this left you feeling frustrated.

There are a number of reasons why a Topic might be unlisted. The #support category on Community is moderated a bit differently than other categories. Ultimately, we want people to be able to find answers in #support when they’re searching for help. If we need to work 1 on 1 with someone, or there is private information, or the post just isn’t helpful for others to see, we will unlist the thread so that more relevant posts will be surfaced.

In this particular case, I unlisted the thread because we didn’t have a clear understanding of what was happening here. I offered some suggestions to look into, but at the time of posting it looked like you had things up and running but we didn’t have concrete evidence from logs that it was corruption, or what might have caused it.

You said it best yourself in that thread:

I found many posts about this issue but the resolution was often inconclusive and sometimes threads ended without resolutions.

Our team has been making an effort in recent months to prevent this type of thing from happening. We want #support to be a place to get help from us and our wonderful community, and then others can come and find this help later on. If a post isn’t going to be helpful, we will unlist. If a post might be helpful, we make sure to mark a solution and update the title if necessary to make it easier for others to find in the future.

If you have an update, we’d be happy to hear it! We’ve re-listed threads in the past for this very reason and will continue to do so. If you’ve discovered something that helps us understand what happened and provides a conclusive resolution, we’d be happy to make sure it’s out there for everyone to benefit from.

I hope this helps!


I don’t agree with this policy… I just had the same thing. I posted something about creating your own dedicated device using a NUC, concluding I would have much better specs for more than half the price, compared to the Nucleus devices.
Apparently nobody is allowed to know that, except me, the person who started the topic…
I can understand you have to protect your market, but doing it this way???
You can be glad Roon is so good, that I’m not giving it up, otherwise…


It was unlisted because you didn’t search very well before asking. This information is publicly known and advertised, and your post just didn’t offer very much of anything to anyone but yourself.

In fact, in the very first announcement of the Nucleus:


In fact, in this post, I clearly lay out the alternative of free ROCK + NUC as a lower cost solution to Nucleus:

To think this is protectionism is ridiculous. Why would we give ROCK for free if we were protecting against Nucleus? In fact, in that last post i clearly state that NUC + ROCK is “cheap” and Nucleus is “not cheap”. Also the last paragraph says:

If you need low cost, you can’t beat NUC + ROCK. If you need turn-key, we have Nucleus/Nucleus+ for you. There is no snake-oil. As for quality of product, Nucleus and NUC + ROCK are very similar to each other, using the same basis of operating system and hardware. Why? Because we don’t think there much better options for most people.

You have only half the story in your head and are jumping to incorrect conclusions. There is no conspiracy here, nor is there any protectionism.


I updated the original thread. Now there is a clear understanding of what happened and what to do. Please re-list that thread, so it can be helpful to others in the future.

If you unlist threads so fast (you unlisted mine immediately after replying) there is no motivation for users to post updates to clarify what happened. Maybe consider unlisitng on timer, say, 5 days after no replies.