What Makes Nucleus So Special?


Surely it’s just a Nuc inside a fancy box, for the price you could’ve included a lifetime Roon subscription.

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Big discussion here about whether Nucleus is just a dressed-up NUC.

Ok thanks, Hans Beekhuyzen asks the same question as well.

Did you read the whitepaper?

did he?

Anyway, we made (and give away for free) ROCK for people that don’t need fanless, turn-key, or “the fancy box”. The Nucleus is not for everyone, that’s why we started with the DIY solution first (for free!).


But it’s not for free, you have to pay for the subscription, Roon is a fantastic product but please don’t go down the audiophool path.

Before attacking me as an “audiophool”, please get your history and facts straight.

Before ROCK, people spent money and time building ROCK equivalents to run Roon.

There were multiple products to create lightweight Linux or Windows Server based operating systems to run Roon. These products were not free; they cost both dollars and time… and you still had to buy a Roon subscription.


As you see in the thread, I strongly disagree with Hans.


I wish I had the option to buy this over building my own NUC / for my next setup in Hong Kong (where I visit frequently) I will certainly go with this custom made plug n play option rather than building another NUC. I was looking at Antipodes, but prefer this as it matches your operating system specs and mitigates my time with building a NUC. Keep up the excellent work and providing prospective consumers like me with choice!

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Well you have to pay for your subscription to Roon if you are going to use it, you can’t get away from that. Once you are subscribed to Roon, ROCK can be downloaded and installed by you at no extra cost apart from purchasing a correctly spec’d NUC.

I built my own fanless PC and installed ROCK (as many others have done), it’s unsupported and may or may not cease to work with future updates to the ROCK OS but I’m willing to chance it. If and when it fails I will fall back to my Mac to run Roon core and then go and purchase a NUC and install ROCK.

There are many options, Nucleus is just one of them.

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