Why does iOS app reconnect on switching?

Why is it then that when I have Roon open on my iPhone, every time that I switch to the App there is about a 3 second delay while it tries to reestablish communication with the core? Why does the client have to do this every time you switch to it, and not just once when the app is started? It would certainly improve the experience of using the Roon client on IOS.



I agree it’s very annoying behaviour and happens on every mobile or tablet iOS or Android we use. Windows app doesn’t have this issue on the same wireless network only mobile clients.


You can follow this advice to address your concern, but your device will become hot enough to fry an egg.

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It doesn’t. It just happens that if you have many apps running or an older iPhone with less resources (mostly RAM) available, the operating system will kill the app in the background. On iPads, this “killing” is less aggressive, but still there.

This is why iOS is considered to have very poor multitasking abilities. It’s also what makes iOS feel so snappy and good.

Thank you for the reply, but this is an iPhone Xs, 4Gb RAM, 256 GB SSD, and I have very few applications running. Even if I just boot the phone, the switching is still occurring, while other apps remain connected, such as youtube, or newspaper apps, or directly Qobuz…


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This problem is not only happening on older ios devices, with my iPad Pro it happens always if I use other app (about 30s or more) and every time if iPad had gone to sleep. And I only use couple apps, mainly Roon and Safari.

It has been happening since I started using Roon about 1.5 years ago. I really hope it gets better in future as iPad/iPhone is so widely used controller.

@Danny what’s deemed low memory for Roon use. My Pixel.4 has 6GB as did my OnePlus 5 before as do the base iPhone 12s, these are flagship phones. My Pixel 4 and OnePlus still has this issue all the time. Doesn’'t matter what I turn off on the phone in regards to batter management ( not that I should these functions are there for a reason) it still closes itself. All my other control apps function fine and are restored without initialise connection. Is Roon such a hog that the OS is forced to close it consistently! . Why do other apps manage this so much better? Why can’t Roon be better here it’s not a great user experience? Surely this is something that should be looked at to make Roon Remote as efficient as it can be across a wide range of devices 6gb seems pretty standard yet it still struggles?

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@support and others, I also experienced the issue about reconnecting Roon iOS app after switching between apps. Now I found the cause of this issue. I would like to share this with you.

If in the iOS WiFi settings the private address for a network is turned on the reconnecting issue is triggered. If you turn of the private address setting the reconnecting disappears.

I am curious if other users can confirm this conclusion.

Does not help, tested with iPad Pro and still Roon reconnects (and resets, for example, artist list position) every time if using other app like Safari. And only Roon and Safari are opened.

The work around that I have is simply to setup the router to assign fixed IPs for the computer running Roon core, and the other devices, rather than using the router DHCP to assign IP addresses

Same here, iPad Pro 11inch with M1 has the same issue, even when just switching between Safari and Roon and without going into sleep. I don’t think it’s simply a performance/RAM issue of the mobile device.


How long are talking , on my iPad 12.0 Pro 2020 its less than a second to reconnect . My ipad often has others apps active

Patience is a virtue ??? :grinning: :smiling_imp:

The problem for me isn’t the wait, it’s that every time it happens, Roon loses it’s place. Pick an album from the Albums list and do something else while it’s playing. Go back to Roon, it resets and when you go back to Albums it starts at the beginning and not to where you were. It does that with everything, back to the beginning instead of where you were.

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Roon has that problem in many places and not just because of the iOS Remote reconnecting.