Why does JRiver hate criticism

I just posted a comment on the JRiver forum , it was marginally critical about development (lack off) on JRemote

It was deleted within 5 minutes, there is no point adding to that forum, the paranoid CEO monitors it to stop anything he perceives as bad …

What has Jim hilgass got about criticism , is he trying to drive all his customers to Roon

Here is no 1 , of many !!



Ps he ha also Locked me out of the thread…

Sorry bit of a Rant :mask:

Yeah, I was supposed to be unable to log in for 1 month once because of something I posted. He even sent me an e-mail, saying if I kept complaining he would permanently ban me.

Since they determine who you are by your IP and since I always use a VPN, I just changed where my IP was.

Also this -

I wonder if anyone else has had bad experiences on the JShiver forum?
Makes one appreciate this forum all the more.

Typical JRMC.

Don’t waste your time either…criticism falls on deaf ears. It’s one of the reasons I jumped off the JRMC renewal path.


The forum in general is good, supportive etc , not far off an equal for the Roon one

One person seems to spoil the overall view of it

It’s the last post I will contribute to so he can ban me if that helps him

Makes me even more convinced to persevere with Roon.


When looking to invest time and money in something software or hardware related, I invariably read the official and unofficial user forums first to get a feel for typical issues, any ‘gotchas’ and the participation provided by the supplier. The worst forums in this respect are ‘tumble weed’ ones, where questions are posed but never answered, or heavily moderated ones, often with self appointed aggressive ‘mods’ (which sounds like Jriver from your description). In some cases. you need to be an existing owner to access the forum (it isn’t public and users have to resort to other forums to vent their anger), in which case I run a mile from the product.
Needless to say, the Roon forum passed all my tests with flying colours and was instrumental in taking the trial and making the purchase 14 days later.

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I don’t think you need to be an owner, I have been for 8 years, shame to leave with such a sour note

I still need a DLNA server so I guess I don’t leave just stop contributing, a loss , even though I say it, I have quite a bit of experience with the quirks of MC


Was just looking at Roon integration with JRiver and ran accross this, as I am trying Roon and was surprised to see that it could play through my Jriver Id, but still not sure what settings are being used.

JRiver is rapidly becoming like Blackberry, going from far ahead to irrelevant. I have been a user and supporter for nearly a decade, then watched as Jim’s wait and see approach about streaming services turned to flat out denial. Streaming is here to stay and, for me at least, has become my primary source. His denial of this simple fact will probably be the demise of Jriver.

It’s a great pity that J River choose to stay clear of streaming services; their argument is that they are doomed. I guess time will tell. I’m going to enjoy streaming while it lasts. I found J River itself to be superb and their support excellent.

I have had excellent support from JRiver, including replacing a hard drive in my Id at cost long after the warranty. That said, the support without adding streaming is not enough to keep me forever. I want one place that has all my music, and the ability to universally search it. That leaves Sonos and Roon. Sonos works well and is really easy to use (passes the drunk wife test). Roon offers a more, but a steeper learning curve.

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Mine worked out how to do bookmarks before me and shes generally rubbish with any tech. I was quite impressed.