Why does Nucleus+ go on strike?

It will be helpful to specify what your network setup is and how things are connected.

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How can I improve next?

Hi @Li_fangyi63,

This is not normal behavior on Nucleus. Can you provide an overview of your network setup? What is the model/manufacturer of your networking gear and how is the Nucleus connected vs the Laptop?

What kind of scanning does it do? Where are your media locations stored, on the Nucleus itself or do you have some kind of NAS?

Hello, my network Settings are shown in the figure. When I edit music files while listening to music, when I import the edited files into NAS and start scanning, the situation I described before will appear.

Thank you very much!

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Is that clear to you

Also how big - ie number of Track/albums is your library?

There are approximately over 100,000 albums, and how many tracks are unknown. Due to the system disk being too small, only 64DB is now added with only a small portion in the Roon.

That is a seriously LARGE collection and will take even a blisteringly fast PC a long time (many days) to import. I have ~ 25,000 and it takes a long time on i7-7700 8 core setup. my database is already 20GB so a 64GB system/boot/databse drive will be too small perhaps if it really is 100,000 albums you have

If this is a new setup be prepared for at least week maybe longer if your files are on a NAS

Excuse me, is there anything wrong with my network link?

well run a speed test to somewhere there is an AWS node (USA maybe easiest) Singapore if you are in Asia perhaps.

propagation and speed are all going to be contributors to how well a library import is going to run.

try fast.com or speedtest.net and post the results. note that during these times of stay home orders networks are going to pushed harder than ever 24x7

Hello!The following picture is the result of my SPEEDTEST test. Is it normal?

speedtest thats fine… but thats to china your home location as I recalled…try to San Francisco or Singapore by changing the server and see what those results look like.

Your library screen shot would help too under settings especially the Background Audio Analysis speed

Generally speaking, China’s network speed is relatively fast, may I ask, what equipment do you use for nuclear?The CPU is eight-core, can you share your hardware configuration?

I use an i7-7700 Asus PC I built myself that runs windows 10 but now I run ROCK on it. Unlike a NUC that is very similar to your Nucleus but it still is able to run ROCK perfectly well but at higher performance than Nucleus can.

Maybe something like this will be better for such a huge library if your Nucleus+ is not coping well with windows or perhaps it can even run ROCK.

Thanks for sharing!Does dual system operation interfere with sound?Have you ever used Windows system optimization software?For example: Audiophile Optimizer.

I don’t use the system interchangeably with windows and rock but it works for rock on the same hardware. As the system was basically roon only headless I tried it with rock and have it that way now. Both worked fine for my 275k tracks.

I did look at fidelizer but did not try it yet. I have wanted to tho. If I build an i9 machine maybe I will do that, or perhaps the option I linked above even with windows. But the current Covid situation means I am being more cautious about spending for a while.

Hi @Li_fangyi63,

Can you please navigate to Roon -> Overview and provide a screenshot of the number of tracks you see there? 100,000 albums is quite a large library, so I do want to make sure that this is actually your active album count.

I have emailed you the details. I plan to sell a 1TB SSD as the system version, but how will the operating system of Nucleus+ migrate to the new 1TB SSD?Can you give me a detailed operation tutorial?

The Nucleus should be 2 cores, 4 threads. Each thread will be shown as a core so “four cores” maximum is correct. If you wish to use Roon while it is doing analysis, set the machine to one core and it will be able to use others for playback and any DSP. The primary aim here is to get the bulk of your analysis done. That may be best done on a more suitable machine then transfer a backup to the Nucleus if it will fit.

If it doesn’t fit the main problem is there is no official way to clone Nucleus on to a different drive. They would either need to provide you with a way to download Nucleus OS to a USB drive (with all of its security implications) or you can figure out a way to clone the drive to a bigger M.2. But the fact remains that the Nucleus+ is probably not the right tool for a 100,000 album collection.

Hi @Li_fangyi63,

Where did you send this? Do you mean you sent it via private message? If so, I’m not seeing any private messages from you, you would need to click on my name -> message.

There is no way to migrate the Nucleus OS from one drive to another. It sounds like you may need a custom solution for your database size. Please provide the screenshot of your Overview tab and we can proceed from there.