Why does playback stop when i remove an album from my roon library even if i am just shuffling my whole library

im shuffling my songs - 10,000 tracks. i come across one i dont like that i dont want to hear again. i clicked remove from library and playback stops! so i have to go back and start the music playing again from wherever i started it from. i didnt tell roon to stop playback, i told roon to remove it from my library!!!

Did you remove the playing track or another track?


As @ged_hickman1 says.
It’s not clear from your post exactly what you did?
If you remove a track or album from your library even if Roon was playing it at the time because it’s now gone music ceases immediately.
Now if you were playing something different entirely then that’s a different story.
Please clarify

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Also, is this a local track or streaming track?

If local, be careful because the track is actually deleted from disk when removed from library is used

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This implies you are removing a track that is currently playing.

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