Why Does Roon Include My Podcasts Among My Music Files

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I have set up the Roon App on my iPad mini and it recognises the music files on my PC hard drive and my Qobuz subscription. But It also includes in my album list all of the podcasts help on my iPad how do I exclude these

That sounds odd, are you sure you don’t also have these backed up on the PC within a folder that Roon is watching?

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No. The folder that Roon was directed only has selected flac music files

Click on the ellipsis next to one of the podcast tracks, and check the file path in View File Info. Please share a screenshot of this and of Settings > Storage.


The file path given on the podcasts is an old itunes folder on my PC. I did not add this path to Roon

Roon automatically includes the Music folder as you can see in your screenshot. If there are no files in there you want in roon then disable it in roon.
Click the three dots to its right to get to the menu.


Ged - I did as you suggested and the problem was solved. Many thanks

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