Why does "Top Tracks" not show if I have music from the artist in my library?

Why is it that the “Top Tracks” of an artist only shows up on occasion? Seemingly, it shows up if I do NOT have any FLAC files from that artist in my library.
For example, I have music from “Tame Impala” in my library, and so clicking on the artist name brings up his artist page as follows:

No Top tracks
So if I delete any FLAC files from Tame Impala from my library and re-open his artist page:

NOW the top tracks show up!

(Sorry for orange hue of pics, I have flux on atm)

Is there any way to stop this from happening? Its incredibly frustrating and I’m having to have TIDAL opened side by side to roon in order to browse properly.

Andrew Hale is a member of the group Sade. Do you have Sade in your library? Have you scrolled past the top picks for Sam Smith? (Can’t see image clearly from my mobile)

Description of to tracks:

No, I have no music from Sade in my library. I picked that artist purely because i’d not listened to him before.

Selecting ANY artist that I DO have music in my library from, the “Top Tracks” section does not show up at all.

Top tracks only shows up if the artist is someone I have no music from. Which is really frustrating.
Just because I have 1 song from someone doesn’t mean I have memorised all their top tracks!

How can I make top tracks show up for all artists?

Is there really no way to change this?
This is pretty much the only thing keeping me from continuing with roon after my trial.

I love roon, but if I cannot view top tracks of artists within the client if I already have even 1 track of theirs in my library (which honestly is a silly design choice) then I might as well just use foobar + Tidal side by side

I’ve noticed this too, its a bummer.

Updated first post with better images and explanation of whats going on

This has to be a glitch. I have top tracks for many artists that are in my library.

By “In your library” do you mean in your TIDAL library or your FLAC/local library?

I can view top tracks of artists that I have tracks from in my tidal library.
Its when I have a track from them in FLAC/on my PC that its an issue

Hi @GoldenSound,

Just to verify, are you only seeing this with Tame Impala or are you seeing this with other artists as well?

This is with all artists.

Any artist I have a FLAC file in my library that they are an artist of: Top tracks do not show

Any artist I do NOT have a FLAC file of: top tracks DOES show

Hi @GoldenSound,

I spoke with the team about this. We are aware of some issues that can cause inconsistent display of the top tracks section. We have some changes planned in this area and will be addressing these issues.

I can’t give any specific timeframes for when these changes will be made, but we appreciate your feedback about this.

Has there been any update on this @dylan ?
Right now i’m having to have tidal or spotify open side by side to roon in order to actually browse artists.

Its quite hard to discover and explore new music when the top tracks section doesn’t show up just cause you’ve already got a song from that artist :frowning:

I’m guessing its because if you have FLAC files, roon then starts using its own metadata database (which doesn’t have artist top tracks)
Whereas if you have none, then it is just pulling from tidal, which DOES include top tracks.

Is there a way to force roon to ONLY use tidal metadata instead of roon’s until this issue is solved?
Would you guys be able to fix this issue by making it ALWAYS pull top tracks from tidal even if other data is being pulled from roon?

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