Why I Left Roon

Roon is one terrific piece of software. However, I ultimately decided to cancel my subscription because, as with Apple, I can’t stay with an ecosystem that limits my options, in this case to using only Tidal and Qobuz.

I’m an Amazon Prime subscriber and Amazon Music HD has, by leaps and bounds, surpassed their initial offering in terms of sound quality, user interface when needed and cost ($12.99 a month).

I’m writing this because I love Roon and would like it to be an outstanding product. Unfortunately, for me, limited connectivity options is the kiss of death.

I understand all the technical reasons why increasing the options is not feasible. Maybe a different connectivity approach might allow for more options.

I also know that no product is for everyone. Roon served my needs until Amazon Music HD arrived. The features that Roon provides and I need are built into the Amazon product. Improvements to the Roon user interface, such as issuing a warning when a track is already in a playlist, lag or may never be implemented.

Thanks for the good times.




So you happy with non bit perfect HiRes playback good for you.


I paid $8.33 per month (99.99 per year) for Tidal. I think price will be $10.00 per month ($120.00 per year) 12 months from now. I just renewed Qobuz for $12.50 per month ($149.99 per year). I tried Amazon Ultra and dropped it before my trial was over. I guess we all have different ideas of what we want and prefer.

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I suspect Roon will eventually integrate Amazon HD music, if they get enough requests? I have a lifetime Roon membership, I wonder how long they consider life to be? I also pay for Tidal and Qobuz, I recently got an iFi DAC, and must say that I am disappointed with MQA full unfold.


A “Lifetime Membership” simply means you don’t have to pay for Roon once you’ve reached the “break even” point. No one is tied into Roon for a Lifetime, we’re free to choose any other product at any time.

Why are we even rationalizing someone’s post “Why I Left Roon”?



100% - if you decide to leave … then just go

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your choice was poorly.

Roon is open to integration with any established streaming service. The sticking point is that Roon needs more than the usual API to provide the same integration experience as existing supported streaming services. Generally speaking streaming services other than Tidal and Qobuz have baulked at this requirement.

Lastly, just a reminder to everyone. It is not compulsory to post in threads like this where people explain their reasons for leaving Roon. By all means let others know if you think there has been some missed functionality or a misconception about the software, you might also express an opinion about the UI or aesthetics. But simply criticising someone for making a different choice is unhelpful and unnecessary.


I’m also a Prime member and would be willing to give Amazon HD a try but not until it has been integrated with Roon. For me that’s the sticking point. I’m very pleased with Qobuz and because I can use it with Roon, I see no reason to switch.


I love Roon but I would like to see more service integration. I subscribe to Tidal and Qobuz (of which isnt technically available in my country yet) and yet Ive had to cancel my Primephonic subscription because I cant be bothered using some redundant Sonos product I have lying around for this premium service. Tidal I stick with but sick of their lack of understanding that I simply despise rap and hiphop and yet they wish to ram these genres down my throat.


Tidal is ramming nothing down your throat. I have over 1000 linked albums in Tidal and none of them are rap or hip-hop. Not that there is anything wrong with rap or hip-hop, just not something I enjoy listening to.


The internet is such a great place where we can completely beg to differ.

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Looks like another troll post. 9 months without posting and delusional about Amazon Music HD which is, by any objective evaluation, the worst interface and sound quality out there. Makes Audirvana look like a mature product.

But, you do you boo. And good luck with all the other junk out there.


If this is what you seek i can’t say i agree with you. You really should strive to compensate the artists more, rather than less.

Buy your music! :slight_smile:


Totally agree!

Yes! Agreed

I don’t know if you have missed previous responses to your question, but the question of whether or not Roon integrates Amazon HD music is almost entirely down to Amazon and not Roon themselves.

Roon cannot integrate Amazxon HD music into its service unless and until Amazon is prepared to allow Roon access to its music and metadata databases and APIs. I suspect this is something that Amazon will never be prepared to do. I am sure that Roon would like to integrate Amazon HD, but Amazon will almost certainly want to do its own thing and develop its own control app.

Now, it may be possible that Amazon decides to buy Roon as a ready made fully developed front end for their music streaming exercise, but since this would almost certainly result in the exclusion of Tidal and Qobuz, integration in this way it is not a prospect that I would welcome.

I’m glad Amazon decided to offer better quality streaming service, but it brings up question. Who are they targeting with this offer? Most people who who grew up on listening Mp3s do not care about quality and they claim that 320kbps is perfectly fine. On the other hand most audiophiles are not willing to compromise on certain things, especially when they have their entire system setup for Roon, Tidal & Qobuz. This is puzzling.


I don’t believe it’s entirely fair to say that integration is on Amazon (or whoever), not Roon. I understand the technical arguments / limitations that Roon has explained. The reality is that Roon can change Roon, not Amazon. Roon has demonstrated the same unwillingness to adapt that Amazon has - and that’s just fine. But it’s disingenuous to say that it’s entirely on Amazon to change.