Why is accessing files and editing so slow?

Nucleus +
Have embarked on big project to standardize my album title format. I listen to bootlegs so this involves a lot of editing and saving. Process made arduous by Roon taking a long time to access the album i want to edit, saving an edit etc.
I have 150,000 tracks and 9,000 Albums…is it my library size that is the case of this?
Thank you

It should be mentioned Roon was “adding music to library” while I was doing this with spinning circle in upper right. Maybe this sucks up resources?

If its still ingesting your files then yes it will be slow.
Most people use a 3rd party editor outside of roon on their files such as mp3tag.

thanks…that process stopped but still very slow when trying access or save changes. I should have posted this issue in the Nucleus support section which I just did. Apologies for starting this thread in the wrong section

I’ve moved it across.

Thank you appreciate it

Topic close, please continue in the link support topic …