Why is Flac 192kHz 24bit being converted to 44.1kHz 16bit when filter is disabled

You can either get some Roon bridge (I am using an old broken laptop for one of mine :slight_smile: ) and and plug its digital output into your speakers, or replace speakers with something that supports Roon’s native protocol. I.e. any Bluesouind will do 24/192 over the network.


For you to get hires from Roon to your AV setup you need to have another device connected via the network to it that supports Roons own transport systems known as RAAT. Devices like this can be a dedicated streamer device which is a Hifi component there are a few lower cost ones coming to market at moment from Cambridge Audio and NAD, they are commonly referred to as being Roon Ready as they speak Roons language. They tend to have a DAC in them and digital outputs such as coax or optical. The new NAD one is very cheap but not sure when they are out. There are plenty of others out there ranging in price up to £30k+, choose wisely.

Or you can use another computer which has Roons software player called Roon Bridge installed on it and use the HDMI out of this to the AV amp. This can be any mini pc that can run windows or Linux, or even a Mac mini will do.

You still need the NaS to act as your Roon core it just sends the streams over the network. Roon doesn’t nor ever will support DNLA/UPnP its why RAAT exists in the first place as its not standardised across all manufacturers as it has no certification process it’s the Wild West as it may or not work with different server software, controllers etc. Roon have explained at lengths as to why they don t support it.

Good luck in whatever path you choose.

Thanks. I think I’ll stick with my DLNA setup on the NAS for AVR use for now.

Ok. Thanks. Just to clarify if I was to purchase roon ready wireless speakers it would just talk to roon core on the NAS like it does with airplay but by using RAAT it would be able to send hi-res, max on most speakers is 192/24?

Yes, Roon Ready speakers should take high-res audio, up to whatever their limits are (and up to what you configure them in Roon settings).

I.e. I have Bluesound Flexes in kids’ rooms, and I can send 24/192 to them (whether you can actually hear that on a tiny little Flex is another question of course).

Yea that’s what I’m wondering too whether there is a noticable difference. Sometimes on my AVR system its hard to tell the difference. Maybe just old age and loss of hearing on the high side…:slight_smile:
I’m testing denon 150’s and a 250 to be placed throughout the house. They sound good and price isn’t bad but they are limited using roon. It would be great if denon with a firmware update if possible would enable RAAT

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I appreciate what you’re trying to do.
I enjoy attempting different ways to squeeze as much performance from my audio systems as possible.
But, respectfully, you might be overthinking this.
For smaller speakers like the ones you’ve mentioned (especially in non-critical listening situations), as you suggested: The sonic differences between 16/44 and higher res are likely to be barely noticeable if they exist at all.
And factoring in the relatively small amount of music recorded or properly mastered above 16/44, I think Airplay or Chromecast is just fine here.

I agree Jeff. I’m not going to invest in more expensive speakers just to take a chance they might sound better. My wife uses itunes to her kitchen speaker and could care less about hi-res, cd quality is fine with her. Like I said earlier I have a nice sound system/theater setup for hi-res that works fine. It would be nice to control everything from roon but if that isn’t possible then so be it.

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