Why is Flac 192kHz 24bit being converted to 44.1kHz 16bit when filter is disabled

The output device Denon 150 is capable of playing 192kHz 24bit. I also tested this to my Yamaha rx-a3080 AVR and the same thing happens. I’m I missing something in the setup?

We need more information hence the template.
At the very least if you post your signal path that might give us a clue.

Click the coloured light on the now playing screen.
The path looks something like this.

Because I assume your using Airplay to send to the devices as they are not supported in Roon by other means over the network. AirPlay does not support anything higher than 44.1. If you want higher then you need a direct connection via hdmi or USB audio input if they support it.

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This is being streamed from a NAS to the AVR

Via AirPlay see post above.

How about chromecast? 44.1 to?

Depends on their implementation as to except hires it needs the device to adhere full Chromecast specs and use a certain flag, but most don’t so your likely to get 48/24 on avr stuff.

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Looks like 48/24 to a Chromcast JBL speaker.

Question do they make a DAC or some sort of device that can connect to the network output of the NAS and up the sample rate?

Depending on what inputs your AVR gear has something like this might work.

The most economical way is to use a Raspberry Pi with software like ropieee.org.
Pi’s are in short supply right now though.

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I really don’t have an issue with the AVR as I can use the Yamaha Musiccast to select music from the NAS via DLNA. To be honest sending cd quality format to speakers around the house isn’t that bad. If I want to listen to HD sound I just go down to my home theater setup. But was just curious if there was a solution to up sample but I guess as long as airplay is the protocol its going to be limited. To bad roon doesn’t allow for DLNA.

I’m not sure how upsampling factors into this. Aren’t you trying to play back native hi-res in the first place? Either way, you need to ditch Chromecast/AirPlay for RAAT. Your best option is to deploy a small form factor PC with Roon bridge installed and connect that to your AVR via HDMI or use something like the Zen Stream posted above and hook that up to your AVR via coax (does your AVR support 192kHz over coax)?

Yes native Hi-Res. Yea it has coax as well xlr balanced input. I would like to keep the NAS but not sure how that would work with your solution. Roon Core is installed on there. I have a dumb question how is music converted from digital to analog using roon core on a NAS and remote wireless speakers around the house? Unless the speakers have a small DAC in them.

That’s fine. Either option I posted above will work

Not sure that roon bridge can be installed on the NAS with core running there. I can take a look.

You don’t install it on the NAS. It goes on your endpoint or just get the ZS.

I might have confused you. My AVR setup is fine. I can use the DLNA server on the NAS and stream music in hi-res to the AVR without issue using the musicast app on my phone or the AVR remote. I’m more interested in using roon to stream to speakers through out the house. I have it setup using phone and win computer as remote controllers and it works fine via airplay or chromcast. Since my speakers will do up to192 kHz / 24-Bit I wanted a solution that might accomplish this. Seems like it might be tough to do.

Your initial post only mentioned a Denon AVR but RAAT is still the answer. If the speakers have digital coax in you can use a ZS or RPi with HAT but it may not be worth the trouble/expense. What kind of speakers are they?

It was a Denon 150 and 250 speakers. Also JBL Link 500 in garage.
These are standalone wireless. Sorta like the Sonos setup but better sounding imo.
Just trying to figure out how to get 192 kHz / 24-Bit to them since they both will accept it.
Not sure how roon bridge would work here.