Why is Multichannel capability of Roon Ready devices not disclosed?

It is very inconvenient and misleading not to disclose which Roon Ready multichannel AVRs and DACs actually support multichannel music files. I suppose it is up to Roon if you want to certify multichannel devices if they only support stereo but this should be disclosed. Either state “Stereo only” against the designation of these devices or have two Roon Ready designations “Roon Ready Stereo” and “Roon Ready Multichannel”. The only way to get this information at present is from external forums, getting a demo or asking he manufacturer. Very inconvenient!

@support could you at least in the meantime publish a blog post or something listing Roon Ready multichannel devices that have a full Roon multichannel implementation?


Hello @Michael_Kraftman,

Thank you for the feedback. I’ve forwarded this feedback to our website team to see if there’s any way we can improve here.


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