Why is Roon radio playing lower quality music from Tidal than my local library?

Wonder why this is occurring since I own the higher quality cut in my library?

When you look at Versions for the Album, which one is set for Primary Version?
Roon would typically select the highest resolution version for the Primary Version, but if it gets set for another reason the Primary Version will play. That might be appropriate if a lower resolution file was from a better Master and you set it that way. Doesn’t sound like you did that here.
Did this selection come up in the context of any Focus filters?

Thanks. I was listening to the new Springsteen live album via Tidal. It was 44/24. Roon radio took over when finished. I noticed the mentioned Petty track was a 44/24 selection from Tidal , despite owning the HiRez album from HD Tracks.

Hi @Larry_Gelman,

There are a variety of factors that go into which version of an album is played by Roon Radio. It is not currently possible to set Roon Radio to only play the highest quality version.

For more information I definitely recommend checking out this feature request where our Manager of Product explains the reasoning:

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@Dylan. Thanks for the response/explanation. However I do wish at some point Roon will be able to decipher that the track is the same, and play the best resolution as possible.

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