Why is roon so slow? :(

Why is roon actually so terribly slow? If I skip a track, roon 10-30s loads the next song. When I click PLAY on a song/album/playlist, it takes up to 10s (sometimes much longer, even forever) for playback to start. This happens via (W)LAN AND via Toslink! And when surfing in the media library, it sometimes takes a long time before the corresponding album or artist is loaded. Is there any way I can find out what roon is doing when it’s not doing what it’s supposed to be doing?

I dont use DSP or volume adjustment!

You URGENTLY need a developer who can program databases! For example, I know someone who programs real-time databases for web applications! That would be ideal for roon!

And is there actually a way to store the pure database (with/without images) on remotes? For example, I use an iPad Mini 5 purely as a roon remote. Of the 64GB memory, over 50GB are free - I could easily save the entire database to be able to work faster!

(4 Tecs see my profil)

Ok. So, why don’t I have these performance issues?


I have slowness sometimes, maybe 5 to 9 secs, if my M1 Mac Mini running Roon core server app was without a restart for 2 or 3 weeks and the late 2013 iMac remote (full Roon app) also for 1 week or so. Or sometimes my extra cheap router is slow. Usually while I do a coffee all 3 are restarting (mini, iMac and router) and all is back to normal. Do you still have issues after restart?

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Is that somehow relevant to my problem?

Yes. Sometimes its better after restart but mostly not :frowning:

Perfectly speedy here. I would look at your setup as the root cause. What’s your network setup, core running on, files located? This sounds like you have a network problem talking to a Roons servers and your Roon core. Is this local files, from Tidal or Qobuz? How long has Roon been setup new install or old?


Oh, sorry about that
Core is connected on WLAN?

It is referring to your statements whilst the problem could be on your end.

See my profil for technical specifications. The core is connected to my AVR via toslink so the network cant be the problem :man_shrugging:

roon core:

  • Mac Mini Server 2012
    (MacOS 10.13.6 @ 2,6GHz i7, 10GB RAM, 128+4TB SSD) connected via LAN

roon remotes @

  • iPhone SE 2
  • iPad Pro 11"
  • iPad Mini 5
  • MacBook Air M1 256/8GB (via LAN)

roon Devices:

  • Arcam AVR600 (TOSLINK)
  • Denon CEOL Piccolo (WLAN)
  • Denon CEOL RCD-N8 (WLAN)


  • about 60k Songs in 4600 albums

I was thinking that the problem is the link between core and remote app on a comp, I do not know anything about avr if you can use that as a remote for Roon

I saw your specs, but it does not say how you connect the core to network,

edit: via LAN

has same slowness as the iOS?

That’s not memory, it’s storage, your iPad only has approx 4GB of real RAM and that’s shared with other live applications. That pedantic point aside, Roon’s design decisions means that work’s done on the core, not the remotes. That’s unlikely to change.


do you use that only for Roon?

Yesss it is :muscle::sunglasses:

What size is your library track count wise? That core is old and pretty slow. Last time someone has this issue on an old Mac it was combination of the size of library and theage of the Mac. Changing core fixed his problem.

Yes i know. My hole database is around 25GB (data and pics) which must be loaded from the core by surfing db. I think that must not be. My ipad mini is „roon used only“ with (nearly) no toher applications. It should speed up surfing if the remote could load this data direct from ipad storage and not via WLAN from the core :man_shrugging:

Can you control the mini as screen sharing using iPad or Air? maybe it is faster then Roon. Before Roon server app on mini I had the full app and sometimes screensharing was faster than opening a Roon remote on an old comp

But other people may have larger instances than this, and remotes with fewer resources.

Whereas my iPad has other responsibilities and flooding it with Roon data wouldn’t be welcome. What you’re talking about is caching of resources on the remote, which could be optimised. Having the entire database on the remote would mean having the code to query and process it there as well. I suspect that the Roon team have good reasons for not going down this route.

Maybe upgrade to 10.15.7