Why I've quit Roon after a few years use

Personally what is Roon ready is only a small part of the story, what will actually matter is the online services that Roon can integrate with and the stats indicate it’s playing with the minority small fry.


If this has not improved by the end of my subscription it will not renew.
I mainly use Apple Music and Sonos as the main household interfaces and Roon is in a minority for usage hours.

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Are you mostly a mobile user? Or home? I might want to explore Apple Music for mobile use.

Perhaps. Roon’s implementation on the other hand, isn’t buggy :slight_smile:

I use Apple Music both on mobile and at home. I also have Tidal subscription just for Roon. Apple Music works the best for me and I tried (I think) every streaming platform available to me (and some that was not available ;)).

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If my music was on “the cloud” it would degrade the sound quality? I guess if you wanted your library on your mobile phone, then it would be useful? Why do you need multiple instances of Roon Server running? I could agree about the addition of other Music services to Roon, I am sure someone will be working on it?

I had my music on a mechanical NAS drive, I have now but it on an SSD, and downloaded ROCK. The difference is night and day! I think Roon is excellent at what it does, i took a couple of free trials, when you could have a 30 day trial, and opted for a lifetime membership. I have one issue, and that is the lack of an alarm clock/sleep facility. I am more than happy! Mind youm my HiFi system consists (on the digital side), a Roon Rock i5 core 2Gb of RAM, Rock installed on a M.2 drive, and my music is on a SSHD. This feeds into a March DAC, going through a Naim 200/202 with a teddycap power supply, this combination feeds a pair of Neat Motive 2 speakers.

I did use Logitech Media Server, which had a clunky interface, it is old and free though. The Roon gave an uplift to both the user interface, and music reproduction.

While that volume thing sounds like a bug, UPnP is fundamentally flawed:

I’m not getting defensive, on getting annoyed with you dodging the question. I’ll answer you but I’m done with you until you either retract or defend your words.

We’ve certified almost 1000 devices and I don’t know all their details. However, just looking at my desk, I see two devices that have RAAT and no UPnP:

B&W’s Formation line (I have the Duo’s here in a box) and the Merging Technologies’ NADAC+PLAYER.

Both are “high-end” to “super high-end”.

UPnP sucks. We won’t support it. We would rather improve the industry as a whole than support UPnP. We started that in 2016. I believe we are mostly complete. If you think UPnP is required for Roon’s mass adoption, you are welcome to your opinion, but we think you couldn’t be further from the truth.



I understand the digital inputs of the CXN, you effectively use it as a DAC and lose all the screen images

My system is mainly headphones using an Audiolab M-DAC as dac and headphone amp , a digital input to CXN then digital out to the M-DAC makes no sense

I already use RPi Allo Digione then coax to the M-DAC for Roon

It’s duplicated I guess


Always loved this one :crazy_face:



Exactly. Lol.

I am also confused by the lack of progress in the UI, given that there are a number of relatively significant issues which many users have been consistently complaining about for years now.


Here’s 4 examples:



The C1 Mono is Roon Ready:

The MBL 1611F is Roon Ready:

It took some time, but they got it done. MBL is a partner we are doing some very cool things with… but it’ll take some time to get out the door.

AudioNET is one of our partners but I can’t speak to the status of their devices.

Looking into if I can say anything further about AudioNET and Tidal Audio. If I can, I will update.


Hmm. I like NADAC. Is that a newer version?

it’s the one with a Core built-in… stereo or multichannel.

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The MBL “Roon Module” uses a Raspberry Pi embedded with Roon Bridge, very cool!
CORRECTION: it uses the RAAT/RoonReady SDK.

not Roon Bridge – it uses the RAAT/RoonReady SDK.

I don’t know why this thread has exploded into a upnp - dlna discussion. That’s was not of any concern of the OP and shouldn’t be your concern as well. Raat is perfectly fine, Roons multiroom system works like a charm, it’s all the little frustrating things in the UI that is the problem. There has been next to none development in the basic features of Roon which are still full of annoying things. The fact that there is no progress in the very basics is what’s concerning the OP. That’s what this thread was about.


To be fair, I think the Roon UI is probably overall, generally, broadly (you get the idea) at least as good as anything else. Personally I’d rather trade a bit of polish on the UI for a properly thought through, well designed and implemented fundamental architecture. A bit like I’d rather have a well designed chassis and suspension on a car so that it actually behaves properly without the intervention of all the current nanny electronics…

Which is not to say I wouldn’t welcome some improvements!

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That goes hand in hand with a good UI, unless you mean more audiophile features.

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