Why no specific section for the SOtM sMS-200?

@support, Curious why there is no section for the SOtM sMS-200 and other SOtM products? Not enough interest? I got one last week to play with and really like it. Just looking for a little love here.

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I got mine about three months ago and really like it a lot ! It locks into Roon Server that I have running on a Mac mini. I control Roon with iPad and verything just works all the time. Big step up in sound compared to Mac mini straight into dac.

while there is no dedicated forum at Computeraudiophile.com either, if you look at the sMS-200 threads, May from SOtM is pretty active and will take good care of you.

I got mine Serial# 00008. Most reviews have shown this is the music server to beat. It is cheaper than most too.

Mine arrived today with the Uptone LPS. First post on the Roon forum (eagerly awaiting ROCK)! Sounds absolutely fantastic.
Can someone please tell me, is the SMS-200 safe just to switch off at the mains/lps once I’ve finished a listening session, or does it need to be powered down properly through the web app? I have no USB drive directly attached.

It’s safe. I use the mBPs-d2s PSU and it has a front panel switch that I just switch off after listening.

Thanks John, that’s going to save a lot of faffing!