Why not ARC with core on docker in cloud or similar?

It could be that I don’t really know what I’m talkng about :upside_down_face: … But, instead of all this port forwarding from a local network to make ARC work wouldn’t it be better in the end to move the ROON Core to the cloud in some way?
Is that even possible already by putting it on a linux docker installation somewhere? Then you’d be using ARC for everything I suppose. But isn’t that kind of how things will go now longer term?

I have no answer to your question, but I share your desire. My hope for a while now has been that Roon would develop a Core in the cloud. The one thing I have disliked about Roon consists of the hardware the Core requires. I have my Core running on an old Mac Mini unable to support Roon 2.0. I am in no position to buy yet another piece of hardware, however inexpensive, which supports it. My wife has become sick of my music hobby and will veto, for a good while, another piece of equipment that feeds my addiction. :grinning:


However, this poses the question of where are non-streaming/“owned” files going to be saved. On a Roon controlled server it’s probably a legal nightmare. Some time after the above linked post, Danny wrote in another thread that upload of personal files to the cloud is not going to happen - though I can’t find this now

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