Why re-adding everything from scratch?

I went away for a week or two with my laptop where Roon and RoonCore are, but I didn’t use it. When I get home from the trip, I fire up Roon and I have 0 albums. Roon then spends the next 30 minutes re-adding everything from my NAS. All the “added on” dates are correct, but it meant that I couldn’t really do anything until it finished re-importing.

What causes this to happen?

Bump? I want to make sure nothing is wrong with my library data that forced it to re-add.

This happened again to me after I restarted my computer. What’s going on?

Hey @Mike_Pinkerton – we’ve seen a pretty significant drop off in NAS issues since 1.3 went live particularly among people using QNAP and Synology.

Can you remind me what NAS you’re using, and maybe zip up the logs folder from your database? If you could get me a Dropbox link of the zipped up logs, along with a rough time stamp for when this happened, we can take a look.

A screenshot of your Storage settings would be good too. Thanks!

Sent you a private message, thanks for the help.