Why USB only for DSD and MQA DACs?

Are other digital inputs undemanded or incapable?

Some DACs can do DSD64 on inputs other than USB. Once you get into higher bitrate PCM and DSD you need the throughput of USB.

Indeed. Mine can do MQA and DSD64 on SPDIF.

I use ethernet for MQA. I just pass on DSD content even though my DAC handles it.

MQA certainly isn’t USB only - it just depends on what you are feeding it from/to and the capabilities of that equipment.

Well, I’ll amend. I was looking for a DAC to cover most/all DSD and MQA from one input. All I can find, not necessarily all that exist, would require a USB to handle ALL high-end signals.

Reason I ask is that I have a DigiOne with the BNC out going to a 24/192 DAC, leaving one coax output idle. Thought that coax could be used for a new DSD/MQA dac. Prolly other reasons why that may be a bad or impossible idea, but thought I’d ask.

Typically coax and optical cables are not rated to carry more than 24/192. That is why you see DSD/DXD done mostly over either USB or Ethernet. There are a few DAC manufacturers that support dual coax (typically AES) that do support DSDx2 and DXD over coax and I believe Aurender makes a server that support dual AES out. But it is rare and expensive to find this. There are some USB converters that will convert a USB input to a variety of outputs, including i2S, which can also handle DSD using an HDMI cable.

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