WIFI for Roon Nucleus

Is there some devise that can receive WIFI and then run ethernet to nucleus?

Hi @Steven_Weidman,

See Danny’s answer here:

You can use a USB WiFi adapter but it’s not something we recommend doing.

I now have my Roon Core installed on my iMac receiving my internet connection via WIFI from the Spectrum internet service. The WIFI transmitter is a SageMCOM located downstairs from where my stereo system is located. I have purchased a Roon nucleus (being on order from Roon through Amazon). I plan on installing the Nucleus of course in the same room as the stereo is located. This would be for streaming online music from Roon using both Qobuz and Tidal. My personal storage is on a external hard drive that I would connect to the Nucleus via USB connection.
My understanding is that there are devices that receive a WIFI signal and are then able to connect via an ethernet cable to the Nucleus. Is this true and if so what devise would you recommend?
If my understanding of this setup is incorrect I will have to cancel my Nucleus order.

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