Wifi problems on Build 880 - devices intermitently not showing

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 / Core i7 / 32GB’s of RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wifi is over a Netgear 6400

Connected Audio Devices

Lampizator Pacific hardwired
EMM Labs NS1 Wifi
2 x Raspbery PI running ropieee

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Since the 880 update, the two raspberry pi’s and the NS1 which are connected by Wifi have started disappearing and reappearing in the devices list.
I thought this was an issue with the NS1’s wifi, but the Pi’s are doing the same thing.
Sometimes they are there sometimes they aren’t, they always show up as Airplay devices, but the Roon Bridge just vanishes then at somelpoint later shows back up.
I assume some timeout or other time related thing was changed in 880?

Seems like we’re not the only ones with this problem, already several topics here with the same thing since 1.8, devices dropping. Hope we can go back to the prior version when everything was working fine.

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Hey @Robert_Povey,

I believe it’s needless to ask if you’ve rebooted your Core and devices? If you haven’t it might be worth a shot.

Otherwise, the next time it happens, would you please write down the local date and time and upload a set of zipped logs in our drive?

Thanks :pray:

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I’ve uploaded todays logs, you can see the NS1 get disconnected about 10:20 on 12/16, and magically come back into existence around 5 the same day.
I suspect this might have tp do with the Pacific being used, those are about the times I would have started using it and turned it off, going to guess there is something wrong in the raat layer when multiple devices are in use.

I also have a chrome cast device I’d forgotten about, but it’s does the same thing as others have mentioned. that flickered on and off all day.

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Hey @Robert_Povey,

Thanks for the logs :pray: . We got them.

They are now with our technical team. We’ll follow up as soon as we have an update.

While we’re waiting on a reply from the technical team, I was wondering if you could update your Core to the latest build and let us know if it improve things?

Mines been fine all day, so it might have something to do with network traffic, but I have updated to 882 as of about 10 minutes ago, I’ll report back if the issue recurs.

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