Wiim Pro loses contact with core & audio device

Roon Core Machine

Macbook Pro 14inch 2021
M1 Pro chip
OS Ventura 13.4.1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

British telecom
Smart Hub 2
Model number: GRV9517UAC34-A-SA

Connected Audio Devices

Wiim Pro streamer via wifi
Coax connection to Grace M903 DA , via Mutec MC3+USB and Mutec 120 word clock 10m

Number of Tracks in Library

None - streaming Qobuz only

Description of Issue

Music stops after 20 mins - Wiim Pro no longer visible on core machine (or ios app)

Rebooting Wiim Pro restores it
So does Rebooting roon core

This issue repeats / happens every time

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Thank you.

If you plug the Wiim pro into the network with an Ethernet connection does it have the same issue?

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With tbe location of the units an ethernet connection between them isn’t an easy possibility.

It was just to test, to remove wireless from the equation

Core is not recommended to be used on WiFi. For an endpoint it’s ok but still if you can lan wired connections always give minimal issues…. WiFi issues are often a plenty as it’s not a full duplex connection and often each device competes for airtime


I wonder if I should use a domestic / ring main (power socket) extender and feed the streamer ethernet from that?

However the living room TV (Apple TV) is totally wifi and never drops signal.???

Wiim now have a crash report with logs so perhaps they can shed some light on the issue.

Thanks again.

Ethernet over power is also not a great solution.

Bottom line is to move off of WiFi with some long cables to do good troubleshooting to isolate the issues

Hey @Jules_Standen1,

Ben with the support team here, thanks for writing in!

As others have mentioned, testing over ethernet would be a good next step. With that, I’m not able to enable core diagnostics on your account. If possible, could you please reproduce the issue, and use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader?

Sharing the specific data, time, as well as track playing at the time of the issue would be helpful as well.


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