WiiM Pro Plus only via AirPlay?


Just re-installed ROON and ROCK. Attached my WiiM Pro Plus and I’ve noted that ROON shows me up only WiiM Pro Plus for AirPlay. The WiiM is attached via Ethernet cable. So it should be show up as Ethernet and not only AirPlay.

Any suggestion on how to change settings?

Many thanks

The Wiim Pro Plus is not certified Roon Ready, so this is to be expected.

it is…Roon Ready certified

Many of us have been using Chromecast or Squeezebox (that some consider to sound the best).

If you want to use Squeezebox you will need to enable it in Roon under Settings->Setup and wait for Roon to see it as an available device under Settings ->Audio

This will enable you to compare the options at that point

It doesn’t look like it has been pushed out yet.
Maybe we are waiting for a update from WIIM as there hasn’t been one for a couple of weeks.

Going to look now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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There is an update from 2 day’s ago but no mention of Roon Ready yet.
That update is in a staged rollout but maybe we will be getting a nice Christmas present :grin::+1:

where do you get the info? will wiim pro plus update automatically?

From the release notes in the WIIM app.
I am on the latest version of the firmware and currently no Roon Ready.
This might mean one of two things.

  1. Roon hasn’t enabled it for that version yet and that could happen anytime as it’s a server side flag for all intents and purposes.
  2. The version of WIIM Pro Plus that has passed certification is not this version but what is likely to be the next version, in which case we could still be in line for a Christmas present

All sounds very positive to me though :+1:

And yes WIIM will update automatically when it is ready for an update

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Just wrote to WiiM :slight_smile:

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Good man, but there is definitely a Roon part to this as well.

Can someone from Roon @support chime in on this please

This must be a recent occurrence. Since the Pro Plus is now on the Roon website, it means that the certification process is finished. The website updates itself automatically when this happens.

Therefore, I believe that the most probable explanation is that the firmware update has not been pushed by WiiM just yet.


Yet another one they forgot. Oh joy.

Likely they have not updated they tend to roll out staggard like Roon has adopted to do. US likely first place to get it.

I have one of them, not updated yet. I did notice today that both my Denon devices are now showing in Roon as Roon Ready, but also showing as “Uncertified”

Hmm Denon use HEOS and Roon Tested over Airplay . Odd one. I think thats messed up and should be Roon Tested as its Roon Tested for the Home 350 on Roons site. Interesting though if it is, Maybe Marantz will follow same parent co after all.

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Ya, HEOS is complete trash, and so is the DAC. Was the primary reason to buy the WiiM for the living room. I listen to most of my music in my Home Office on the Eversolo, but wanted the option to listen to Hifi in the living room.

I use RHEOS extension to get Roon via HEOS so no addtional streamer needed. Works great.

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I have the latest update (14/12), so my guess is that either Roon hasn’t pushed the button or it’s coming really soon

where can I see the latest firmware which is installed?

In the WIIM app and select your device and then click on Speaker Info

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