WiiM Pro Plus Software rolling out [It's now Roon Ready]

The firmware is rolling out according to a mod on the WiiM forums. It is funny because of the conversation that has been going regarding Roon Ready.

I think it was sloppy on both ends, it was released by Roon that the WiiM Pro Plus is now certified and Roon Ready. That is great news, but let’s look at the scenario.

Let’s say you have been waiting for the Pro Plus to get the Cert prior to buying one, you get the news that it is Roon Ready so you order, and you get it but it is not showing as a Roon Ready device!, the firmware has to be updated.

It was mentioned last week that the firmware would be rolling out over the weekend, well that never happened. Nothing on Mon, or Tue. Looks like it is finally rolling out now.

I can tell you if I had waited to buy one of these until certified and it wasn’t Roon Ready I would be ■■■■■■, let alone the time troubleshooting the issue to get it to work.

Just me 2 cents, and they arn’t worth much.


This may be true, but they have not updated their release notes yet to show Roon Ready or a new version since the 7th December.

I agree with the confusion especially after Roon updated their RR status just as WIIM released the previous update, which many of us thought would be the RR update until reading the release notes and scratching our heads.

I had stopped checking yesterday but snuck a check now but not RR yet.

Turning back on chilled mode and back to patiently waiting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just updated the firmware and sure enough, Pro Plus is officially in Roon!.


Yes a lot of us got it overnight on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.
They pushed out another build yesterday so you might want to check you have that one.

It depends on your use case

Knowing that the WIIM Pro Plus is Roon Ready is great for many users who have awaited this news since it was announced.

Do you have a use case for one?

Personally I think they are great value and quality devices.

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The WIIM is incredible value and is truly excellent entry into the pantheon of mini streamers.

Before this I normally recommended a Raspberry Pi or iFi Zen Stream, but now I feel that recommending the WIIM Pro or the Pro Plus is a no brainer.

I bought one for my (non Toon using) son to go into his university stereo system and they love it as when they are together they switch between AirPlay, Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect and they all work beautifully. They all love hanging out in his room listening to the music.

I feel that the iFi Zen Stream does sound a bit better, but it has no DAC and in it and in the setup I am testing it is about 3 times the price of the Pro Plus.

Focus on the positives and what it does and as long as it work’s for you then it is a small but wonderful little investment.


My WiiM Pro Plus units are now Roon Ready. Play flawlessly. Happy holidays!


Just got mine delivered today and 10 minutes later it was updated and Roon Ready. However, I did started with it plugged into Ethernet and there doesn’t seem any way to add wifi details to it without going through the setup again? Anybody else had this issue and fixed it easily? I need to use wifi with it for a few days.

Did you try to configure WiFi whilst it was ethernet plugged or unplugged ?

With it plugged in, there are no wifi setup options in the app, just On/Off for wifi. Will try unplugging Ethernet and see what happens. No time left to fiddle with it today though.

Yes I think it has to be unplugged then phone wiim app and wiim device do a discovery.

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Agree, the Zen Stream sounds slightly better (warmer) but has so many quirks. Setting it up is still a nightmare and I had so many dropouts lately that I blamed on my network initially. Now that I have the WiiM Pro + as a streamer transport, I know it was the ZS. Functionality and ease of use are 100x better too. The ZS is also not very well supported by ifi IMO. It takes forever for FW updates and normally one thing gets fixed and something else breaks.

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Thankfully I have rarely suffered any of these problems, but given that there are more than 2,500 post’s in the thread I started for the Zen Stream when it was released there were plenty that did have issues.
I have never had drop outs and I am running it over WiFi at DSD256, but that just means I have an excellent WiFi network. It is feeding a Zen DAC Signature V2 and then into a power amp. It sounds beautiful TBH.
Support could have been much better and not bricking people’s devices during updates would be a huge step forward.

I find the WIIM good enough though and with superb support and updates they are becoming the go too brand and tick almost all the boxes.

Now if they can add NAA support for HQPlayer and PlexAmp Support that would finish the list off and what more could we ask after that :thinking:


A LCD or OLED screen :wink:

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I believe Plex support is on the cards


Well that just pushes the price upbut could be nice :+1:.

Given the range expansion from the mini to the amp it would not be too surprising to see that happen and if the quality was good then why not

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Some else has also mentioned this and it would be great to see it happen

That was me, but they have promised and failed to deliver before on features so won’t hold my breath. I’ve had a few issues with mine not recognising Ethernet after updates and it falls back to WiFi. A few others have had similar problems. Other than that it’s been rock solid experience. It’s not the best sounding device out there but it’s certainly got the vfm sorted.

I know but I didn’t want to put you in case you valued your anonymity :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It does seem like they break things and fairly quickly fix them again.

For $175 (on sale last month) or even the retail price, this device is a gem and STELLAR performer! I’ve had Lumin streamers and DACs. Are they better? Sure. But for what the Lumin I had retails for, one could purchase around 70 Wiim Pro Pluses. I thought I was getting the bargain of the century when I purchased the Eversolo DMP-A6. Sure, it has a pretty screen and digital VU meters, but costs 5x more than the Pro Plus, highlighting, at least for me, what an incredible bargain this device is.