Will Nucleus add to my system?

Currently using Synology Xeon processor based NAS with 32Gb of RAM. Connected to a full Vivaldi stack and D’Agostino Power Amps. How would I integrate a Nucleus + into my system and what benefits over the current set up do people here think it will bring? Thank you for your responses in advance.

Where do you currently run your Roon Core? On the Synology?

The big difference between Nucleus and the Synology is that the Nucleus can be kept in your listening room because it is silent.

I run Roon Server on the Synology NAS. All my data resides there too

If you are happy with the existing setup, there will be no real difference. Your NAS is quite capable and if was setup/installed well, it shouldn’t be giving you any issues.

I’d love to sell you a Nucleus+, but it doesn’t sound like you need one.

If you are looking for a new toy related to Roon, I highly recommend a big (12.9") iPad Pro to run Roon. It is a super fun way to experience Roon.


Lucky enough to have access to a few Large iPads due to my previous life when I worked

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