Will Roon support Yamaha MusicCast?

(Dennis Mutsaers) #1

Since the MusicCast App/Software delivered by Yamaha is abominable, I would be happy if Roon could support Yamaha MusicCast as Roon Ready devices. Is something like this in the works?

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Hi Dennis,

To be classed as Roon Ready the Yamaha device would have to support Roon’s Advanced Audio Transport RAAT and that’s more a question to ask Yamaha (I’m sure Roonlabs would work with should they wish to take that route).

I don’t think it’s impossible for Roon to support Yamaha’s MusicCast … but it would not be Roon’s preferred method of streaming to this device.

As your post is more a feature request than a support question I’ve moved it into that category. Let’s see if other Roon users comment.

(Dennis Mutsaers) #3

Well, I hoped Roon has better communication lines with Yamaha, than me…

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(Paolo Limoncelli) #4


I’m interested in this too, I’m not a technician but the “idea” behind this connection is the same you followed with Sonos and AirPlay protocols.

You currently support Sonos, as a “not preferred” method.
It would be awesome to have the same approach for MusicCast, also because Yamaha devices offer a far better D2A conversion than Sonos itself and could accept HiRes audio and DSD without downsampling.


I have Yamaha NX-N500 speakers which support musicast. Would love Roon support

(Andrew J Shepherd) #6

Is MusicCast anything other than Yamaha branding for its DLNA/UPnP implementation and control app? Roon has no plans for DLNA/UPnP compatibility.


(Paolo Limoncelli) #7

No, it is a different league.
It is the very same “principle” behind Sonos’s protocol.
It can use UPnP as a “source”, but it is not a UPnP endpoint.

Also Yamaha MusicCast inherits AirPlay too, so this is how I’m using it now, but since the amp has a DAC capable of DSD up to 5.6MHz it would be awesome to stream it directly.


I would also love to see Yamaha amps on the Roon supported end point list.

(Stefan Vogt) #9

Hi there,

me too, I like it also, I have 4 device of Music Cast.

Greetings from Bavaria


Dammit! I signed up to the roon 14 day trial hoping it would free me from the execrable MusicCast app but sadly it’s not to be. I was even willing to swap my streaming service to Tidal from Deezer. MusicCast can’t even sort Deezer content alphabetically!

I can use roon via AirPlay but it’s a set backwards in quality.

I guess I’ll just watch this space :slight_smile:

Edit: I should mentioned what I saw of roon was excellent. Installed on my QNAP and catalogued my FLAC archive without issue. Just a shame MusicCast could only be connected via AirPlay and thus downsampled. I need a purple sparkle! :slight_smile:

(Richard Thornton) #11

+1 - I have two NX-N500 pairs and I would love to get higher than Airplay quality on them without adding a intermediate device.


MusicCast support would be great


+1 Here Also.

I use mine through Apple Airplay and it is ok but I really wish it would be a Roon Ready Endpoint.


(Brian) #14

Roon RAAT and MusicCast don’t work with each other, but I can confirm that the WXA/C-50 units work over AirPlay, which is integrated into MusicCast.

(Robert Ritchie) #15

Yamaha RX-A860
Yamaha NX-N500
and 2 of the WX-030

I wanted sync’d music in every room, I got it.

Plex Server (NAS), MediaMonkey Server (PC), SiriusXM, Pandora, and Tidal.
remotes, laptops, and phones around the house to control it all. pretty happy.

I would give up MM & Pandora for Roon, if I didn’t have to downgrade the stream with AirPlay. The MusicCast App isn’t great, and I’d really like a single pane of glass for all my devices, but the lack of direct support for the Yamaha devices is a miss for me.

(Andrew J Shepherd) #16

I own a top of the line Yamaha AV processor. And I do not expect Roon ever to support it via MusicCast – because developing ad hoc MusicCast support likely would gain Roon very little. It would be a small market confined to one Japanese AV manufacturer with potentially little customer base overlap with Roon. Instead, I expect that Yamaha and/or other Japanese AV manufacturers will have to add RAAT support to their network audio capabilities. Or users just will need to stick to AirPlay, Chromecast, or RAAT endpoints.


(Sean) #17

Or more will add built-in Chromecast audio support, like Pioneer has recently done.

(Adam Goodfellow) #18

+1 for musiccast integration as well at least to the extent of using it as an endpoint with MUCH better control than airtplay provides which has the rather annoying tendency to auto-switch on the main zone at the start of every track so airplay is pretty much a non starter when you only want to play to zone 2 for eg.


Sadly, most of these CE vendors are focused on pushing their own proprietary systems. We will never ever see native Google Cast support in a Denon/Marantz product, for example, as they want you to buy into their HEOS ecosystem. (They have AirPlay because its legacy that pre-dates their introduction of HEOS. And they support Spotify Connect because it’d be suicide for any CE vendor not to.)

(Thomas Frensch) #20

I am looking for musiccast support too. I did not buy Roon til the musiccast support is implemented. I own 8 musiccast devices including the amp and i would appreciate roon support for Yamaha. Yamaha is not small at all and I think there will be a lot of new customers for roon.