Will the Cary DMS-500 be Roon Ready at some point?

I notice that Cary is on the list of “Coming Soon” Roon Ready device manufacturers.

Is this an active partnership? Or has it stalled?

I have a DMS-500, and sure do wish I could drive it with Roon.


Most of the time Roon is not at liberty to speak about future integrations. Perhaps @robdarling can give an update on this one – but I think your best bet would be to ask the good people at Cary directly.

Cary Audio and MQA. https://www.facebook.com/caryaudiodesign/videos/1447808475260856/
Facebook post.

The team at Cary Audio has the RAAT SDK and they have begun work on implementing Roon Ready endpoint capability for the DMS-500 and AiOS products.

This is the message from them…

“It will be an easy firmware update via the unit’s internet connection. Our mutual goal is to have it before end of second quarter, but this could vary slightly depending on how deep the integration of control of the Cary units needs to mesh into the Roon Control point software.”

How does it sound? I have not heard one.

Sound-wise, the DMS-500 has not had a chance to break in yet, but has made a good first impression. Then again, I am using it to front a pair of my favorite “filters” - a set of Cary 300B mono blocks! So I fear my opinion is not to be trusted.

As for the iOS app that drives the DMS-500… well, let’s just say that no one is going to mistake it for Roon.

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I live near Cary Audio, and picked up a DMS-500 a couple of weeks ago. It’s made a very positive initial impression on me, too. It replaces an Aurender X100 feeding an Ayre QB-9. The signal chain beyond that is to Classe M600 monoblocks and Wilson Alexias, with Transparent Reference cabling.

With non-MQA material played over wired GigE from a QNAP NAS just sharing a music folder, the DMS-500 is, so far, hard to distinguish from the Ayre QB-9. MQA material is very impressive with excellent staging and resolution. Some Tidal Master tracks are stunning and really drive the MQA point home. I took the Cary unit over to Audio Advice this morning to share with them, and, on their Classe/B&W system, the staging was extraordinary.

I bought the Cary unit specifically for its MQA DAC, and because of forthcoming Roon endpoint support. I would not have bought it without those two attributes.

They pushed a new firmware update out a few days ago, but I can’t see any differences, i.e. it’s not showing up in Roon yet.

I downloaded the new firmware for the DMS-500 today – 1.29.30_20170615, and the new IOS app – 1.3.50. Both have a “Roon Ready” setup item, but it doesn’t allow to me enable Roon. Anyone else tried it please? Thanks!

FYI, Cary Audio told me that they’re awaiting Roon certification, and that this should show up very soon. Exciting. Absolute Sound listed a DMS-500 review as coming up in their next issue, and I’m looking forward to reading it. After about 100 hours of listening to my DMS-500, I’m very happy with it.

Hi Alex,

The Roon Ready Update should start rolling out sometime Monday, June 26th. Simply ENABLE Roon Ready in the DMS-500 Menu. Then open your Roon App and ENABLE the DMS-500 and you’re ready to enjoy. Thx!

  • The Cary Audio Team

That’s excellent news, thanks. When I picked my DMS-500 up from you in Cary, I was told that you were hoping to get it done in Q2. It wasn’t a promise. I’m impressed and happy that you got it done in Q2. I’ve been on and around enough software projects that delivered on June 74th to know how hard that it is :slight_smile:


Does dms-500 work with subwoofers?

Does it come with a remote?


It has balanced and unbalanced analog outputs, so i guess you could use one pair to drive a subwoofer or two, if your subs have input filters. I use it with a preamp.

It comes with a remote that you use in conjunction with the built-in screen. In Roon endpoint mode, you just use Roon. I prefer the IOS app over the remote control in non-Roon mode.