Will the Nucleus sound better than my MacbookPro? [answered: its complicated, but yah]

i have about 30k tracks… i have been using roon since last december with:
MacBook Pro 15 inch 2,6 ghz i7 16gb memory 2133mhz lpddr3 (Sierra 10.12.6)
(when i listen to music no software runs, roon core runs only)
if I get neclues , will the sound be better, improve?

Well…No. Save the money for other upgrades that do have impact on the sound. Or even better spent it on room treatment.

that’s why ROON support team doesn’t respond… :slight_smile:

I’ve made other experience!
Runing Roon on a 2014 Macbook Pro, biggest option with 256gb ssd, Jitterbugs everywhere in the open USB outs of the Macbook, using SupraCable USB into the Pro-ject Prebox S2 Digital at first. Now with the Nucleus by Roon, I got a way better playback quality. The sound becomes fluid, got more swing at all. My system: Einstein Audio The Tune and Blumenhofer acoustics Genuin FS2. At all not a bad system.


We don’t respond because we have nothing to say about sound quality. Some people say it will improve SQ, some don’t. We tend to say out of sound quality debates because it’s all about what you have, what you are used to, and what your options are. It’s very subjective. This is also why you will never ever see us make an audio endpoint.

What I can say without a doubt is that Nucleus is the best machine to run RoonServer. The integration with Roon for updates and the storage support is much better than anything we’ve seen. Because we can control the experience from the core machine all the way to the Roon UI, we are able to provide a much nicer experience than anyone else making a Roon Core machine could. Later, if/when we do a plug-in environment, it’ll be innovation that exists only on our operating systems. We will push Nucleus forward with updates similar to how we push Roon forward.

As an appliance, the Macs can’t compete. Additionally and undeniably, the Mac has fans that create auditory noise. The Nucleus is completely silent, so it is suitable for your listening room. This would be the only objective SQ advice we can give: Fans hurt sound quality :slight_smile:


Agreed. I suspect it is more important than most people think.

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