Win 11 PC as Roon Remote, local audio device is not showing!

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Dear support team,

I am having a weird problem. When I install Roon remote on my PC, the audio device of the PC itself is not showing on the ‘setup’ ‘audio’ column, being its build-in realtek or external USB DAC.

But my Android or iPhone Roon Remote are perfectly fine.

I was trying to figure out for more than three weeks.

Kindly help! Since the annual fee should cover this basic service right?

turn off your firewall to troubleshoot


Thx so much for the reply. I am using windows firewall plus Mcaffee anti-virus, let me try and come back to you.

I have tried the method you mentioned, it seems that Mcaffee is the root cause since as soon as I switch off the firewall, audio devices shows. But I cannot find the place to add ‘roon.exe’ and ‘raatserver.exe’ as the exception…

Can you go for an extra mile to help me out wizardofoz?

google I guess…I dont use windows or Mccaffee

Are you using both Windows Defender’s firewall as well as McAffee’s firewall and anti-virus?

Thx Robert,

I am using Mcaffee as the firewall, windows firewall seems have integrated with it.

Since u guys have pointed the right direction, I was able to locate the problem and called the Mcaffee service center. With one ip UDP configuration, now everything is normal:)

Thx again


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