Win server 2016 std running roonserver

Hello - I have successfully set up Roonserver running on WIndows 2016 Standard (core mode, optimizied using AudiphileOptimizer). My Android remote (Samsung Note 9) sees the Roon core running on my Surface Pro 4 machine (64 bit). I believe i have installed my Synology NAS as a network drive - it’s hard to tell for sure but it appears the install was successful – but the remote is unable to find the NAS. the music folder i have selected on the remote is {C:} SERVER 2016 STANDARD > Users>Administrator > Music Server

But the remote tells me there are no files in this folder.

Any suggestions? It may be that the server is not actually connected to the NAS but I am not sure in the MS-DOS environment how to confirm it’s connected. Thanks

Hello @IGNATZ,

To set up your NAS you would need to follow these instructions and add it as an SMB share to Roon. You can find some additional information on how to add the NAS here as well and you can make these configuration changes using your Android remote controlling your Core. Please let me know if you have any questions after reviewing the above documentation.


Thanks for responding.

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