Windows 10 - only Roon remote very slow

I have Roon loaded as remote and/or end point on 3 Windows 10 PCs and an Android tablet, in addition to another Win10 unit running the core.

All are working well except one which a few days started running very very very slowly, apparently after a Win 10 update. I have removed and reinstalled Roon, and done various restarts, without avail. I have left it on for a couple of days, but without benefit. Album art takes an age to load, and I cannot scroll to another page until it has all loaded. It functions, but not in a useful way.

The PC is a core i7 (albeit a mobile low power i7) with 8GB RAM and a 500GB hdd less than half full. The behaviour occurs even when there is nothing else running on the PC. Task Manager shows that it is constantly using 600 to 900 MB of the RAM, despite not obviously achieving anything. Is this what is known as a memory leak? All the other programs on the problem PC still work as normal. As far as I can determine, it is only a problem with Roon remote and only on this particular PC.

It is particularly bizarre because this PC is one of two identical ones sharing a KVM switch and wired to the same ethernet switch. The other twin still runs Roon at the normal blazing speed.

Can anybody cast light on this strangeness?

I have the same problem here, with Roon running on a mac mini i7 with Windows 10. I’ve posted a support request also so I hope someone can help us.

Well, I think the answer lies in the Windows Update. You never mentioned the version of Win10 you use and its current version number.

I have seen a couple of cases on the latest update creating issues, in my case, network flakiness which I resolved by downloading and installing the latest network drivers from the manufacturer.

That is true. It is W10 Home, and the update is whatever the most recent one was.

But I repeat, there is no problem with any other programs running on this PC, and its twin with the same settings does not have the problem.

I understood completely, my example was a very similar situation, I had 4 pcs built the same (quadruplets if you will), same network, 3 updated with no issue, 1 did not. And for that 1, the network connection issue only applied to 1 critical software on that machine, all the rest of that machine’s network connection worked just fine. It only affected 1 software.

OK, that is weird isn’t it. Did you also have the situation that only Roon was misbehaving? I ask as all the other programs are fine, and network communication seems fine, so it doesn’t seem to be a network issue. Or is it a specific Roon connection issue? Or indeed, am I missing your point?

Hi @Simon_Chick ----- Thank you for the report and feedback!

I wanted to to touch base with you, to see if any new observations or progress has been made in regard to this behavior you’ve reported to us. Please let me know, and if further assistance is required I will be glad to lend a hand.


Sincere apologies to both @Rugby and @Eric for going AWOL. Life happened, and I hope it will be no more than another 10 days or so until I am back to normal.

The problem is still there, and I do want to get it resolved. I will study Daniel’s last response which got the new title Win 10 Updates, and resume this when I can focus on it again. Fortunately all the other remotes are working normally, so this is just an annoyance so far.

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No worries at all Simon (@Simon_Chick), hope everything works out. Drop support a flag when you are ready to get the ball rolling again and someone from the team will gladly help.


@Rugby and @Eric

Very happy to advise that Rugby was 100% correct. I rolled back the 2 Windows updates installed on 20 March. After the restart Roon controller worked normally again. Last night Windows automatically reinstalled the updates, and today Roon is still working fine. I did not do anything with any drivers. So evidently just an update install glitch as predicted by Rugby.


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Update KB4015438 was installed on 2017-04-04 after uninstalling KB4013429, and everything went fine until this afternoon, when the slowness problem reappeared in all its glory. Absolutely no updates occured in the meanwhile. I had to uninstall update KB4015438 to restore Ronn to a workable state.

My impression is that the the issue is not with the Windows updates per se. It seems that either Windows or Roon (or both) are slowly developping a problem over time related to the OpenGL layer on the Intel HD Graphics,which eventually culminates into an extreme slowness. It is as if uninstalling an apparently faulty update has the effect of cleaning something somewhere, which brings back sanity into the system.

Could’nt we run something like a trace to understand what is going on here ? You think the problem is solved, but it is waiting to reappear a few days later. This is becoming very frustrating.

Except that it has been affecting other opengl programs. It is not just Roon.

@Rugby I agree, but seeing that others have an identical problem should not serve as an excuse for not trying to understand what exactly is going on. Thus my suggestion for running traces and logging Roon behavior when this slowness appears. Could’nt that help to get Microsoft to develop a fix, or to implement some sort of workaround in the Roon code ?

I was having this problem. Pages and covers taking ages to load. As someone suggested, I uninstalled the latest Windows update. When I restarted the computer the update was reinstalled and everything is working properly. I think it is a case of an update not installing correctly.

The problem came back on both my general duty PCs and I just haven’t been energetic enough to try doing update rollbacks again. I don’t even know how many rollbacks I’d need to do now.

All 4 PCs are win10 home premium (or whatever it’s called). Fortunately the one running Roon Core and the one on the hifi rack with almost no duties apart from Roon control and USB feed are unaffected. If they succumbed it would be a different story.

I also fondly imagine that Roon will sort out this issue, which doesn’t seem to be suffered by any other programs I use, and the 2 offenders will suddenly snap back into the Roon universe. One day.

Hi Simon.

I’m betting the issue lies in the Intel video drivers Microsoft is installing during the updates. MS never seems to get it right. You might try a couple of things.

  1. Is to verify which Video Chipset on each PC and download those video drivers straight from the manufacturer. Uninstall what MS installed and install the drivers from the manufacturer. Yes, even if they read the same driver version. This has helped me several times, and not only with video drivers, I make sure network drivers are the latest from the manufacturer as well.

  2. If your PCs are big enough to take expansion cards, try getting a cheap NVidia card graphics card and turn off the integrated graphics. Nvidia graphics drivers are much much much better than Intels.

Thank you for taking the time to make these suggestions. It is appreciated!

However, we are on the cusp of an international move (going home to the UK), and ithe kit will all be packed up shortly, so I am going to park this until life returns to some sort of normal - June maybe :grimacing:

I’ll report back eventually though.

Good Luck on the move. Moving is stressful and I can imagine it being double so internationally. Where about in the UK?

Moving from Jakarta to Sturminster Newton in Dorset. Not much of a change really :scream::astonished::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Unfortunately this problem has returned. Roon becomes slow to load and operates sluggishly. If I restart the computer it eventually fixes it. I just can’t rely on it to work smoothly when I switch it on.