Windows 10 PC not detected

Roon Core Machine

MAC Mini M1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

TP-Link AX11000 router
Ethernet and Wifi

Connected Audio Devices

RPi w/ Pro-ject S2 running Volumio
Win10 PC with Schiit Modius
Marantz SR5012

Description of Issue

New Roon user here. Win10 PC w/Schiit Modius DAC not detected.

The Roon Core Mac Mini can “see” (ping) the Win10 PC and vice versa. File sharing between machines works. Roon on Win10 PC runs fine and can see core and library but can’t play anything to that computer.

Probably something simple but I’m not seeing it.

Try turning off the firewall on the PC as a test and see if the audio device appears. If so, then you will need to add Roon, RoonServer, Raatserver to the exceptions list.

That was the first thing I tried. I looked at the app permissions in the firewall and both raatserver and roon have permissions in both private and public networks. The Win10 PC isn’t the core so if I’m not mistaken there is no roonserver or at least I couldn’t find it.

It depends on how you installed Roon on the PC.

Try anti virus as well. The core builds the audio section based on responses by the endpoints. If that communication is interrupted by anything, the audio endpoints don’t get created on the core.

Another issue can be if VPN software is running on the PC. If so, try turning it off.

I turned off the Defender AV and no change. I don’t have a VPN running. Looked through Task Manager to see if there was something and didn’t see anything obvious to me.

What about firewall in the core?

Well sometimes you just go on a hunch. I unplugged my ethernet connection, then turned on a WiFi connection. Rebooted and, voila, everything was there. I don’t have an explanation especially now that I’ve plugged in my ethernet again, turned off the WiFi and it still works. Turned on the firewalls and AV protection and it still works! The mysteries of Windows, I guess.

Thanks for your amazingly quick response.

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Glad you got it working. Interesting how though. By the way, I’m just a fellow user like yourself, not official Roon staff.

Staff or not, I really appreciated the quick response, especially when what I was seeing defied logic and saved me a dive into the registry settings. Thx again!

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