Windows 10 & Roon 2.0 - Freezing, Drop-Out, Very high RAM consumption

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 with very latest updates, Desktop 16 GB RAM
Roon is used as server and client the same time.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Standard Ethernet from MSI Board

Connected Audio Devices

Onboard USB 3.0 connected to external DAC

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

a. Quite often ROON is skipping suddenly a track at any given point - this very often goes along with a suddenly increased RAM consumption beyond then stable 5 GBs (It appears that the regular RAM consumption is between 2-4 GB). This happens so far only when using Tidal.

b. Switching between Windows it occurs 1-2 times per day that when switching back to ROON the program freezes. Two cases then: a. After 20-30 sec. ROON returns to normal, b. ROON will not react anymore, the RAM consumption is gradually increasing to >10 GB and only a process kill enables a fresh start of ROON. b.happens more often.

Frankly, this behaviour (already existed in ROON 1.8) is quite annoying and I am wondering if the ROON support team can help in this case and have ROON acting as a world-class software also with Windows 10.

Roon is issuing an update this week that they think will solve this issue for most of us.

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Hey @Klaus-19,

Following up on @Jim_F’s note, are you still running into issues with your Windows 10 core?

Please share a recent timestamp of when this issue happens and we’ll enable diagnostics to take a closer look :pray:

Hi Benjamin, I have updated Roon to the very latest version and the issue still persists. The last time it happened was today at 12.45 pm CET. I strongely bellieve that the freeze of Roon after minimization has to do with the way Roon uses RAM, ie the RAM management. As soon Roon freezes the memory consuption of Roon is steadily increasing from ca. 3 GB to staggering 10-12 GB. If it reaches 12 GB Roon crashes. Thanks for your help in this annoying behaviour. This is really causing challenges.

Hey @Klaus-19,

Thank you for sharing the above information. After enabling diagnostics and taking a deeper look into your account, I’m seeing reoccurring errors in relation to a failed network connection to \\DiskStation-3\music.

What does your Roon storage access look like? If possible, I would double-check that Roon has proper access to any file storage you have linked to your account. It seems like Roon is using a fair amount of resources continually checking for updates between streaming services as well as your local library.

Can you confirm proper permissions have been granted to your specific library storage?

I’ll be on standby for your reply :+1:

Hi Benjamin,

\DIskStation-3\music is a NAS and has proper access if switched on. When I plan to listen to a streming service via Roon I do not plan to switch the NAS on. That is the reason for the failed network connection then. I am surprised that a simple ping from Roon to the NAS might cause a RAM overflow on the desktop with the corresponding Roon freeze and crash as described. I do not plan to detach the NAS root when not switched on and then manually re-attach when I plan to use the NAS. In my view Roon should be able to detect that a NAS is active or not (this worked fine in prior Roon version, why not with 1.8 and now 2.0?). Can a simple ping from Roon to a NAS (switched off) really cause a 6-8 GB RAM overflow leading to a Roon freeze and ultimatively crash down?

Thank you very much for your help.

Hey @Klaus-19,

Thanks for the above information! After digging into things a bit deeper with the team, your core seems to be hovering around 3GB Physical RAM +/- 10% most of the time. Sometimes into the high 3s, but never more than that, in which this memory usage is generally well-controlled.

I think performing the following will help in regard to freezing and crashing:

  1. Go to settings → Storage in Roon
  2. Next to the entry for each of your NAS storage locations click on the 3-dot menu and select “Disable”
  3. Power down the NAS

This should keep Roon from looking in those locations which should keep it from getting upset when they disappear. Let me know if the above helps :+1:

Hi Ben,

thanks for the information. I have disables the powered down NAS in Roon. The situation about the freeze and the Roon crashes improved somewhat. But I still do experience Roon freezes and crashes, regarding the freeze the last timestamp would be Monday, 7.11 at 8.52 CET, for the lastest crash the timestamp would be 5.11 at 20.00 CET.

Is there a chance that Roon brings its software up to speed in terms of a referenced non powered NAS and Roon’s behaviour of constantly checking for a connection where there could not be one instead of having the end user disable and enabling the NAS in question. This would be end user friendliness.

Looking forward hearing from you regarding the recent freeze and Roon crash.


Hey @Klaus-19,

Thanks for your patience here. Unfortunately, we were not able to find anything pointing to the issue in pulling diagnostics on your account.

If possible, could you please share another more recent timestamp of when this issue occurs?

Thank you!

Hi Benjamin,

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

Roon is constantly freezing and crashing. The situation has not changed since weeks/months now. I am a little bit suprised how long it take Roon to find the root cause and fix the challenge. Roon’s software behaviour is annoying and if I do read the support entries, the same/similar challenge is quite often mentioned.

In my case I do believe it has something to do with the memoriy release mananagment of Roon under Windows 10. I do simply look at the task manager and realised that when the freezing occurs or the crash is imminent the RAM consumption of Roon is just staggering up to the limited available - here > 10GB.

Another very recent timestamp of this time a Roon crash is 18:19 CET on Friday 25th November. I do hope the indication helps this time.


Hey @Klaus-19,

Thanks for the update. It appears that your core is not online, and therefore we’re not able to enable diagnostics to take a closer look.

If possible, could you bring your core online? Otherwise, we’ll need a set of manual logs from your core. You can use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader.


Hi Benjamin,

thanks for the reply. I should be online now for the rest of the day. Hope this helps.


Hey @Klaus-19,

Thanks for your patience here! After a thorough investigation, we’re still unable to pinpoint specifics around anything memory leak related.

However, we did just release a fix to a similar issue on the newest build (Roon 1169) that may very well help. If you could please update your core and let me know if the issue persists, that would be helpful.


Hey @Klaus-19,

Following up on this thread, are you still running into issues here?

Hi Benjamin,

thanks for following up. Since the latest updates the system is running more smoothly. Every now and then a short(er) freeze of Windows 10 (Minimizing/Maximizing the Roon window), occaisionally a Room crash (not often) and some more Tidal/Roon related song drop-outs for 10-30 seconds. I got used to this behavior of the software, but would appreciate if the buffer from Tidal could be increased (if there is any) to avoid the frequent drop-out (maybe 30 sec should do it locally). The original ticket can be closed for now. Thanks for your help.


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