Windows 10 support?

Will Roon, including the soon to be released new build and headless server version be OK to run on Windows 10, which officially launches next week? Should we hold off from updating Windows?

FWIW, I have been running Roon (Core) on a Windows Laptop with Windows 10 ( pre release ) for over a month with nary an issue. Sadly that is not the case when I updated one of my Macs to El Capitan and tried to run Roon (Remote)

Win 10 is just a continuation of the Win 8.1/Win 8.0 base code so I would think (aside from some small driver issues) that if something runs in 8.1 now then it should be just peachy in Win 10. Caveat, I have not run Win 10 yet as I’m waiting to get my copy on USB on the 29th.

Windows 10 RTM version still working fine on a Surface 3 Pro (as Remote, not core)… :relaxed:

As I had insider builds on my device at some point during the process it stopped working and I cannot connect as a remote. The core is never seen, I have tried entering the IP address but no luck. I haven’t raised a ticket as I had ten or more builds on it. I will re-build from scratch with the RC and see.

Good luck : I’ve literally never had a problem with running as “remote” on any build of W10-Insider since Roon was first released, although I have had problems with “core” on W8.1-Pro. I’ve updated W10-Insider all through the development & now have the “RTM” version.

I have it running on Windows 10 RTM version. I had an issue with the last release of Windows 10 where it would let me run Remote Desktop (Microsoft RDP) from an older Android table. I have a newer tablet now and it runs RDP and the Roon app just fine