Windows app crashes when Skúli Sverrisson's profile is clicked

@support My Windows app crashes when Skúli Sverrisson’s profile is clicked.

When I search for Skúli Sverrisson via Qobuz and call up his profile, it works without any problems. But if I click on the profile for an album, the app (Windows 10 client) freezes immediately and is 100% reproducible. The iPad’s iOS app works flawlessly.

But: The app (win 10) freezes when I have selected my native language (German). If the language (English) is selected, it will work properly. And it apparently only concerns Skúli Sverrisson. Of course, I didn’t click on the profile of all the artists, but about 100 of my 1388 artists. I also clicked on the profile of other artists with special characters in their names (e.g. Ólafur Arnalds or Víkingur Ólafsson), it works fine here.

I ask for a solution to the problem.

Hi @StereJo ,

Thanks for the report! Can I please ask that you reproduce the issue and then immediately after the issue occurs use these instructions to access your Windows Roon App logs (under %localappdata%) and upload a set here?

Let us know if you have any issues, thanks!

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Done. The Upload was successful. The file name is named according to your guidelines.

By the way: The app crashed absolutely immediately and reliably as described. It freezes and I have to close or end it via the task manager. :wink:


Hi @StereJo ,

Thanks for sending those logs, they have been forwarded to the QA team for closer inspection!

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After the Update today ( Roon 1.8 Build 898) the “Skúli Sverrisson-problem” seems to be solved. Many thanks!

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