Roon 1.8 Build 898

Artist images loading smoothly on my iPad and artists images in display Zone nicely centred.
Update was without issues.

Thanks, will see what else is improved. :+1: :slight_smile:


Artists images are loading fast and looking good here too. Much better!


If have the impression they are internally cached because once they are loaded for the first time they are instantaneously there when scrolling.

Unfortunately a very painful one is still not fixed After lockscreen loosing position in playlists on iOS


Thanks for the feedback, I wrote more about this here-- Artist images very slow to appear - #138 by brian


Thanks, I was looking for this thread, but I have difficulties to find „old“ threads where I was reading a couple of days ago. :slight_smile:

My Nucleus shows update 884 is available…:exploding_head:

Anyone notice any sound improvements ,:joy:


For once an update who made things better, faster loading images both artist images and album images. And as far as I can see so far it did not ruin anything for me.


Yep it now sounds like Roon 1.8 Build 898, which is just 2 away from Build 900. I can’t wait for Build 900!

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I’m sorry to report none of the Chromecast Artist Now Playing Gallery issues I’ve been talking about - and had been encouraged would be in this latest update - have been solved. When it was not mentioned in the release notes, I feared the worst, but hoped otherwise. Both the Core and Remote were updated, and all devices including the Bridge were rebooted for the heck of it. All my Chromecast problems remain, preventing me from using it for the most part. When you start enjoying the Roon Chromecast experience with an oversized presentation of great artist galleries, and then it’s compromised by not consistently showing photos artist-to-artist, it’s bad - particularly because of the time/energy invested to create the galleries.

With this release complete can you please provide more specific information about the problem and the plan to fix it? Since the original 880 release last year, all the feedback received from Roon indicated you recognize the issue, and are confident you can fix it once other things get moved out of the way. LMK, please! Thank you.



Great update so far!

Yep. It’s very frustrating that this still isn’t solved. I reported this more than a month ago.

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Images are loading much quicker on iOS - thanks for the fix! Scrolling though, is still jumpy/jittery. Hoping a fix for that is still in the pipeline.


May be a redundant question but have you either done a factory reset on the chromecast or replaced it?
Mine is working fine

It’s a doggle so it was pulled and re-inserted into the TV. It may be redundant with a vizio built in.

There’s a tiny factory reset button next to led light. Worked for me.

I’ll try. Thx for the tip. Is the red light on a doggle or the TV? Apple TV?

We’re back in business re: image loading.


I’m just wondering about the changelog for the 898; I can’t find it anywhere.