Roon 1.8 Build 898

It’s in the usual place: Software Release Notes - Roon Labs Community


Great update
Thanks for the team for their efforts :slight_smile:

WOW! This update has dramatically improved album art display time for me. It’s now as good as it was 1-2 years ago before the option to manually allocate resources was removed.


Everything does seem to be faster now. Here’s to continued improvement! Well done, Roon Team!

Although the update showed 884, it did update to 898, go figure…:nerd_face:

Anyway the album scrolling is back to normal smooth, like before 882.
Never had this issue we IPhone nor Mac.
Happy customer again

Vast improvement in album art loading, slight stutter however on scrolling. Minor but it’s there.

(i7 ROCK + iPad)

Not seeing a new app in Google Store in UK yet.

I feel the sonic output is better now…Prior to this release, I felt the output from my U1 was better sonically. Thank you, ROON, for fixing what was not broken… :slight_smile:

Is there an app update as well as core as I am not seeing one on Google Play Store yet. Anyone in UK manage to update Android app?

Only my Windows controller updated - not any of my iOS devices. I don’t think the remote-only apps needed to update.

Says there was an update on the release notes, must be a mistake then.

And so there was - you were correct! I had to go into the iOS app store and force an update. It still worked prior to update so there’s no apparent compatibility issue, least on the iOS side. I can’t see any difference but ya never know.

It’s now there, updated 30 minutes ago

Yep updated yesterday the core without the iOS app and everything worked fine and updated the iOS app today.

Problem with Tidal and Airplay which only affects my Rock core not a Mac Pro core on the same network is still not solved with this release.

Is this a google Chromecast you’re using or a generic dongle?

I’m in the UK and downloaded the Android update (via Playstore) yesterday.

This isn’t being ignored, and work is well underway to resolve these issues. The Chromecast/Displays fixes aren’t trivial, so if someone guaranteed it would be in the “next release” they should’ve talked to me first :slight_smile:

We had a number of performance and stability improvements tested and ready to go for yesterday’s release, and we wouldn’t want to hold those all up as the Displays fixes come together.

But rest assured we’ll ship these changes just as soon as they’re ready-- we know people are waiting on this and we’re on it.


Its the Chromecast Ultra. I have re-set the Ultra as well as rebooted the Tv. Sorry to say no change. Appreciate your suggestion tho!

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Great update👍🏻