After lockscreen loosing position in playlists on iOS

When you are scrolling through a playlist and selecting a song to play then listening to it, the iOS device after some time goes into lockscreen. When you are reactivating it (by Face ID oe code etc) then the playlist suddenly is jumped back at the ver first entry - loosing the position it was before.

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That also affects „my stuff - history“ list of songs

Hey @Markus_Hubner,

Thanks for keeping us updated on your discoveries of Roon’s behavior. We’d love to find out more.

Would you be able to share the steps to take to get to losing position in playlist, when you have the chance?

Thanks a lot :pray:

Hi @beka,

Just going for example into „my stuff - history“ (so that playlist very user has)
And when you browse through that list, select a song … then when iOS app goes into locked screen and you unlock it, then Roon loads the playlist again loosing the position where the user has been.

Hey @Markus_Hubner,

I appreciate you clarifying this subject. This is actually something that’s being discussed in a few places on our community and our teams are aware of it. Actually, it is being looked into.

We’ll keep everyone in the loop :nerd_face:

Any progress on that? It really drives me crazy every single day as I use for example the „History“ playlist a lot and every time when the Roon app is „reloading“ it jumps to the top of the list.
Making using it absolutely annoying.
@jllu and others reported also - and that this behavior changed for the worse.

@danny This is unfortunately a real dealbreaker for all using playlists (at least on iOS) and no other software behaves that way.
Whatever might be the reason for this - but this bug could be solved quite easily (when saving a last entry / number etc).

I can also confirm to experience this behaviour.

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@beka Wishing you and the team the very best for 2022. Can we somehow get this fixed as it’s a pain for all people using playlists.

I know it seems most of the people involved in developing are not into this, otherwise they would have noticed this on obvious and very annoying behavior - but for all using playlists on iOS at lest this is a very painful bug.

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Hey @Markus_Hubner,

Thanks for the good wishes. Here’s to a beautiful 2022 to you too.

Thanks for advocating to have this addressed by our team. I have just brought it up again on their radar. I’ll follow up as soon as I hear of next steps (which usually are having a ticket submitted).

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This issue also occurs with focused lists, for example lists of the most frequent played songs. When unlocking the device not only does it removes the filter but also scrolls back up to the initial top of the list.


Do you need any further information? I see there is still no ticket in

Hey everyone :wave:

I wanted to follow up on this active thread (despite this topic being discussed elsewhere as well) and share what I, at my turn know: our QA, technical and product teams are aware of this behavior (that the scroll position is lost on any page in the app after returning to the app) and are taking it into account as we’re moving forward with improvements.

While I wish this would be part of the subsequent build, I cannot make any comments on the timeline of this being addressed. I am, however, crossing my fingers it’ll be part of the release notes soon :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks for the update. Though I guess as it’s marked „low“ chances are not very high it will be integrated in the next build, in contrast to your hopes you expressed.

@beka @kevin I guess this just again didn’t make it for todays new iOS release?

As there is is still no workaround possible it’s driving users quite crazy when using playlists / history list :pensive:

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Hi @kevin, great to hear! Will be testing as soon as it’s available in the AppStore for me.
Has the painful After lockscreen loosing position in playlists on iOS also been addressed in this release?

Hey @Markus_Hubner – no, we didn’t make any changes here in today’s release, but I can provide a bit more detail on why this happens. This behavior isn’t limited to playlists or even iOS, it’s the same for every page in the app and the same for Android.

When the screen is locked, iOS suspends the Roon app and kills your remote’s connection to the core. So when you unlock the screen, Roon reconnects to the Core (which reloads the page), causing the loss of scroll position.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple way around this limitation – it’s a shockingly large project to make scroll position persist across disconnects. That said, it’s not out of the question and it may be something we address in the future, but right now I can’t make any promises on timeline.

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Hi @kevin, thanks for the update.
Regarding the background of this - just from a user perspective this is a very painful bug making especially using playlists or history every single day a thing that drives you crazy. I am sure everyone can imagine this :slight_smile:

How about when the Roon Remote app is saving a scroll position (needing actually no additional memory consumption) and this also when loosing connection / upon reconnection it would be able to just get back to this position.

But since build 806 there has been an update / fix for some use cases of „Scroll positions don’t persist“. Is this related or was this a prework to address these kind of fixes in iOS and Android?

@kevin At least answering would be very much appreciated.

@beka I am sorry, keeping you fingers crossed since 18th of January might cause some pain as it still didn’t make even not into current 991 release.

@kevin Seems build 952 finally addressed this, can you confirm? This is going to be big improvement for anyone using playlists.

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