Hi I'm Michael, new Product Manager. Let's Chat!

Bem-vindo e boa sorte em seu novo trabalho!

Agreed, dont know where I would be without Ropieee. Same for the other devs these additions fill the gaps and spread Roon to a larger eco system with amazing support because they love this product.

Also @michael please please, invest in Roons support infrastructure, you team are lovely but overwhelmed and appear to be well under resourced, even more so with the recent release schedule. It does seem to rely more heavily on forum members filling in the gaps which given Roons premium price is less than premium and this is not going unnoticed, your loosing iots of customers due to this especially potentially new ones.


Hi Michael, good to see this thread from you. Personally, I spend more time with Roon than on the community but just popped in to say that I’m loving the new Roon playlists, especially Sarah Stuart’s. This is the direction that interests me most.

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Here I fully agree.

For me, Ropieee is a fundamental part of my home audio system. I probably wouldn’t bother using Roon much if Ropieee wasn’t available. So yes, please support the network.


Great to see your commitment @michael ! Right now you have the chance to see & experience Roon from a not too „internal team view“.
Thus as you might also have experienced and what many, many threads are about: playlists is an area that got neglected for quite some time.
And there are also general usability flaws that users from other apps get immediately distracted when using Roon like After lockscreen loosing position in playlists on iOS

And as a product manager of course you know it’s about improving things but also assuring stability for users. In that regard for QNAP users having to deal for months (!) with a highly annoying bug like QNAP - Not Showing Local Folders Anymore [See Staff Post - Guest Access Temporarily Resolves - Ongoing Investigation] is not the signal you want to send to existing customers nor to people interested in using Roon.

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Wow, great that you’ve opened your Calendly! Unfortunately, I don’t have availability to match.

My #1 reason for yearly subscribing is for the context Roon provides to my Tidal (I joined/stay with TIDAL over others, because of Roon) collection and my Core collection. I love reading about my artists, love how Roon Radio can pick other artists based on who I like; love that I can search on producers, songwriters, etc. based on listening to one track. From watching the Roon YT vids, seems like there is a lot of functionality I’m not, yet, using, too.

My #1 Product wish is that I could take all of that mobile, with my phone. I find having to duplicate playlists etc. in Tidal, that I’ve spent time on in Roon to be almost a deal-breaker. I’m still not clear, on which is TIDAL and which ROON when in the desktop application. I don’t spend that much time in Roon; but when I do, I’d like to be able to use what I’ve built elsewhere, use it with mobility.

Also the UI, I get very confused as to what is TIDAL centric and what is ROON centric, and what is where?

I am not a power user; just a basic music listener that really likes all the context and indexing power Roon provides to all of my music (while I’m at my computer).

Thanks for the ear, Michael!


Hi Michael, and congratulations on the position!

I’m a new user, still in my free trial in fact, but I have decided to go ahead and let the paid subscription happen. I haven’t run into any UI concerns after taking short time to get used to the product, but I do have concerns that others have shared but will reiterate here.

1. Mobile use
This was almost a dealbreaker for me. I managed to get around it, but it would be nice to have some proper support for connecting to a Core via the Internet. I’m going to be using Roon mostly at home, but when out and about with my Android phone or on business trips with my laptop I’d rather not have to fall back to another solution, especially given how much I like this one otherwise. Since I can work around this with a VPN, I’m going to stick around, but this does make it much harder to recommend the service to others.

2. Improved Android support
It works and since I’m usually using Bluetooth with the phone this isn’t a dealbreaker, but I do also sometimes want to plug a USB DAC into my phone for some more proper listening. A link to a thread about this is already here so I won’t go deep into it. It really does seem to me that this should be a fairly high priority with how much interest I see around in getting high quality audio out of Android devices.

Other than these things, I’m really quite happy with Roon, and am looking forward to building out some more related infrastructure at home and leaning more about the product in general. I’d just like to see some better support for when I’m not at home, or for when I just want to use my portable rig.

Thanks for reading and good luck with the job!


I can’t tele-conference (no ability to); however, I would like to see remote streaming (/transcoding).

Hello @michael ,

the main benefit for me in using Roon is the support in finding new music I like and wouldn’t have detetected without the help of Roon. I have expierenced hours of enjoying music - really very worthwhile.

On the other side - and as many have pointed out - I also have the strong feeling that Roon should improve the stability of the product and increase the support level of the customer service.

To give you an example: I used Roon for appr. three years on my QNAP and it was never stable, just have a look at: Roon stopping randomly

I didn’t believe in hardware issues (as support claimed), nevertheless I followed the hint of the support and changed the hardware, means: I moved to Rock running on a NUC end of last year, since then: different problems but still not reliable, just have a look at: Roon on NUC10i7 with Rock (227) crashes immediately when playing any track

To my opionion a better software quality of Roon and a higher service level of support would also increase sales! Reference selling can contribute significantly in increasing numer of users; I know many people with very decent stereo systems (owning myself a high end system from LINN) but cannot and did not recommend Roon to anybody …


Hallo Michael
on my extern hard disk exists more than 1600 Alben.
But after starting ROON there appears only 3 one.
My system is macOS 12.3.1 with Devialet expert 440.
How can I delete this mistake?

Best regards

Open a thread in the support area.

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Hello @michael and welcome!

The two big ones for me are:

  1. Better understanding of Classical music. Until Roon knows if a each piece can be classified as a sonata, a string quartet, a symphony, a cantata, and what instrument is featured, using it for classical music will always be hit or miss. I realize this is a big “ask” as to metadata, and Roon may not really care about making its Classical support excellent, as we are a small fragment of the market.

  2. Better DSP changes. The screens and methods for saved settings are a bit opaque. In particular, why isn’t the saved name shown when saving (like saving a file)? More importantly, it would be helpful to be able to switch DSP actions on and off with one click and to have them take effect with much less disruption to the music.


Have to add to 2. what many using a convolution filter tell me: would be needed to switch between uploaded convolution filters.

Hi Michael, nice to meet you. Much like yourself I’m a music and food guy listening to all genre’s and cooking food from all over the world. I use Roon all over the house Livingroom, office, bathroom, kitchen, shed. you name it I have an endpoint. I’d like to see Roon give me the oppertunity to listen on the go in the future updates. As well as the option to use services like Deezer. It’s my preferred service as its straight up CD quality. Roon feels like I’m locked in to Tidal with their MQA jiggery pokery or Qobuz which is ok but I don’t buy into all the Hi-Res content.

Have a nice day


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Hi @michael,
Nice to meet you. Thought I send a reply from The Netherlands; never been to Portugal or the States I’m afraid :smile:.
I am a Roon user approx. 2,5 years now and I use it on a daily basis. Endpoints in the living room, kitchen and shed and one for my bluetooth headphone, all based on different Raspberry Pi’s (2 with Ropieee; thank you, Harry.) In my study/movie room I have a NAD receiver with BlueOS.
I love Roon from day one. The extra information of artists and albums, the seamless integration of my local music files and a streaming service, the integration with different hardware, the search capabilities, Roon Radio and lately the Daily Mixes.
But I have to admit I have a couple of wishes:

I wish you all the best with your new job at Roon!


I wonder if @michael is still around :grin:

Thanks for all of the feedback and conversations thus far everyone. I assure I’m here, just lurking and compiling thoughts. Keep ‘em coming please!

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Glad to hear! :smiley:
Would be great to get your thoughts on some of the points outlined in the meantime.


Hello Micheal, hope you are doing well. Roon is about 90% perfect for my interests and needs, the only problem I have right now is that genres are way too cumbersome to manage. Not only do I have my own custom genres, I also have my custom genre hierarchy, created by looking at several online databases like RYM, allmusic, discogs, and etc. I would like to completely rework the roon genre database from the ground up. I would really appreciate the ability for a subgenre to have multiple parent genres, not just one. For example, I want EDM to be the subgenre of not just Electronic, but also Dance.

A batch editing tool that gives me complete access to the entire roon genre database would also be great, so that could easily edit and rename genres and sort out their hierarchies all on a text document like interface, rather than having to tediously go back and forth between hundreds of pages.

Genres are extremely important to my music listening experience, and the current cumbersome state of genre management in roon is just about the only major issue that is preventing me from committing to roon for the rest of my life :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your interest in our feedback!