Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation makes a very high CPU utilization

lately when I start roon an audiodg.exe (System32) - Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation - starts with 30% CPU (4 Cores).
I use Windows 10, 64bit, roon 64bit. When I stop roon, the audiodg.exe makes less than 0.5% CPU.
Server and Roon are installed on the same computer.

Hey @cas,

As you’re probably aware, audiodg.exe is part of Windows, not part of Roon.

We don’t actually have any control over its behavior or how much CPU it takes up. In all likelihood the CPU usage is being related to one of the drivers or software-based audio components in your system.

It’s not totally surprising that starting Roon has an effect on Windows’ audio subsystem, since we do discover your audio devices at startup + set up our communication with any WASAPI-based devices that you’ve configured in Settings->Audio. So we are definitely communicating with Windows in an audio-related way, but the nature of our communications should be benign.

We checked a couple of x64 Win10 machines here and found that Roon is not provoking any measurable CPU usage in audiodg.exe when it’s started–on this one on my desk, the CPU usage of audiodg.exe is between 0% and 0.2% regardless of what Roon is doing, even during high-res playback.

On the surface, the fact that this is specific to your machine and not happening on others further goes towards my suspicion that the actual issue is with a driver or something on your machine and not with Roon itself.

If you can give us some more input about how we might reproduce this on a machine here, we’re happy to try again–being able to see this happen first hand might give us some more insight into what’s going on.

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Hi Brian,

I use:
Windows 10 (1607), 64bit
Roon 64bit (Server + Roon Client on the same computer)
Computer: DELL Precision 4800
USB Audio:
Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier with Prime Powe Supply
Meridian ASIO (the last one)
USB REGEB from UpTone Audio (between the computer and PSU)

If I connect all and Roon is ofline the CPU usage of audiogg.exe is < 0.5%

The High CPU utilization startet when I’m using Roon and the ASIO. With WASAPI CPU is OK.

Oh, that’s interesting. I wouldn’t expect an ASIO Driver to involve audiodg.exe at all.

So, I just plugged in a Meridian Explorer2 (same driver as the prime) and fired up the ASIO driver…but the CPU usage is still at 0%.

on my Surface Book all is working OK.
I’ve decided to reinstall Windows on the DELL Workstation.

after recovery from a backup all is OK again. :slight_smile:

Hi Brian,
now I can reproduce the issue. Yes It happens again, but only if I start Roon first and turn the PPS on next.
If I turn the Prime on first and start Roon later on the audiodg.exe makes less than 0.5% CPU.
It happens only on the DELL Precision. On Surface Book audiodg.exe CPU is less than 0.5% all the time.