Windows Computer Causing High Pitched Beep Non-Stop (Does Not Happen On Android Player)

Hi there! Recently, not really sure if it’s because of a Windows OS update, renovation nearby my house, or my music components, I’ve began hearing a rather loud high pitched beep that is ringing non-stop. It happens only when I plug my iFi Zen DAC Signature to my Windows custom PC computer, and does not happen at all when I plug it to my HiBy R6 Android music player.

It’s not a Roon issue as I can play Spotify and the sound is still there. Does anyone have this experience, and is the only solution to buy a power conditioner and have my computer plug into that? Or are there other ways to solve this issue? The beep is really loud, and I’m sure it’s not supposed to be there. It’s actually more of a peepppppppp since it’s high pitched.