Windows control hangs while displaying screen [Resolved 32bit roon fixed]

I am having problems using Win 10 Home. My network is all ethernet connected. I am running core on ROCK and it is running perfectly. I have a very small library at this time with most of my content coming from Tidal.
The issue is specific to Windows as the respone on my IOS phone is fine.

What graphics drivers are you using? Is it intel 4000 series graphics hardware?

Its actually Intel 3000

@gary_butler try removing roon client (uninstall) and install the 32bit version…I assume you have the 64bit version now. If this works for you all good. There are some issues with some combinations of drivers (windows is like that) where the 32bit version seems to perform much better.

Re-installed 32bit version and all is good. Thanks for your help,

@support ok so looks like intel graphics drivers for 3000 seiries cards seems to be an issue here too