Windows Media keys not working


When trying to control playback through the media keys on my keyboard (play/pause, next etc) it almost never works.
From time to time I try using the play/pause and it will work but when when I click again nothing happens. I noticed that when it does work, sometimes there’s a latency until the action happens.

I’m on PC, Windows 7, and my keyboard is a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 3000 v2.0. I’m also running the Microsoft Intellisense drivers.

Thanks for any help

Any chance Chrome is hijacking your media keys? That got me recently, the Plex plugin specifically…

Hi @mike,
I don’t have the Plex plugin installed but I tried closing Chrome and made sure all processes were down, and the keys still don’t work.
They work perfectly on Foobar2000 (It’s not hijacking the keys either, I don’t use it since Roon).

Any other ideas?


@danny and I took another look at this today @Chikolad – can you let us know whether the media keys work when the Foobar app window isn’t in focus, or is minimized? Or does the Foobar window need to be selected?

Also, if you happen to have it installed, same question for VLC. Thanks!

I’ve made a change that should probably allow it to work when Roon is the active window. It’ll be in the next build.

If you want the media keys to work globally, you need to convince your keyboard to send the media keys as keystrokes and not WM_APPCOMMANDs. I dont know how to do that without that driver and it’s config files.

Thanks @mike and @danny!

Foobar2000 works perfectly with the media keys when minimized.
I also installed VLC just to check, and the keys work when the app is in focus, but do not work when the app is minimized.

@danny, I will wait for the next build so I can do some testing and investigate how to make the keys work globally.

Thanks for the help guys!

I’m happy to say that after a fresh Windows 10 install all media keys work perfectly. Even the stop button, that is not even available on the Roon app itself!

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…and, they work globally!

Whatever your driver on windows 10 is doing, is the right thing. It’s sending media keys as keystroke. We support them all, including the stop.

Stop is a really nice piece of functionality too in my opinion, but it seems the user interfaces of the world have left it behind :angry:, and our designers felt the same.

I was actually thinking about opening a feature request for a stop-like functionality. I wanted some way to quickly release my audio device from exclusive mode in order to use it in another app, for instance if I wanted to watch a YouTube video or something. My Roon computer is not a dedicated machine and I do my listening through headphones.
Anyway, now I have that option :smile:

we actually do it on pause too (on OSX at least)… I had the same desire a while ago, and @brian added it for OSX on pause.

Then you should totally do it on Windows too! That way it will be possible to return to the same position :grin: