Windows Roon Server not starting after update to build 1324 [Solution - Reinstall Roon from]


There is a limitation in the Discourse forum code that is probably related: Posts can be pinned to the top, but they are automatically unpinned for each user who reads it. Their intent is “you should read this once”.

I recently discussed this in a PM with someone from Roon staff because there is actually one post in Software Release Notes that is supposed to summarize all current versions at all times. This one: Roon 2.0 -- Current Production Versions

And as I noted before during the weekend in this thread, Roon forgot to update this summary post for the B1324 update as well and it still shows 1311, which should be fixed as well, because it does say:

Of course, it would be very helpful to have this at the top of Software Release Notes at all times because sometimes the build numbers get out of sync between the different platform. The problem is, this post was created in September 2022 and as soon as you read it, it gets automatically unpinned and falls far down, unless you remember to re-pin it again for yourself. Which is probably why Roon forgot to update it in the first place.

This temporary pinning behavior was discussed in the Discourse forum and Discourse forum admins asked to have a setting that allows such pinned posts to be instead permanently sticky at the top of certain categories (and to have this a per-category setting, so that too many sticky posts don’t pollute every category). This was refused by Discourse but they pointed out that an option already exists to configure this for a whole forum. I.e., if Roon chooses, they could make pinned post permanently sticky at the top everywhere.

It seems to me that Roon doesn’t use pinned posts excessively, so maybe @brian could consider if this is an option.

The discussion and the reference to the existing setting is here: