Windows update issue

As we know, W10 periodically updates then restarts itself.

My Roon core is on a W10 machine which is always on. From time to time I get a “can’t find the core” type message, and have learned that this means I need to go and enter the boot password on the Core machine, and then all is well again, until next time.

Does anybody know of a way of telling W10 that it is OK to reboot after an update without entering the password?

I don’t want to go password free as I have found that Windows can act a bit oddly without one when troubleshooting real problems.

Hi Simon,
Does this help Automatically log in to your Windows 10 PC?

Carl, belated thanks. I just followed the advice in the link, then restarted to let it install updates and it all booted up without my intervention. So I think that did the trick.
:+1: :+1:

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Makes me wonder how many relying on Windows have had the music inexplicably stop only to find Microsoft has decided it’s time to reboot.