Windows volume increased to 100

I just experienced this for the first time after using Roon for a few months without Incident.

I have a Roon Core On Windows 10. I had another Windows 10 machine that I was using to select and play tracks play tracks. The endpoint was my NAIM Unity Atom.

Whenever I tried to drag the slider down it would just go back up again. It wouldn’t jump up (immediately to 100) but quickly tick up to 100 every time I reduced it.

It did not matter if I dragged the slider down or clicked “MINUS” repeatedly. It did move it down but then went straight back up again.

After turning the NAIM off and restarting the Core it’s been fine since.

Luckily I was sat next to the Atom so I was able to turn it off.

If it had damaged my £1000 Acoustic Energy Speakers I would have been quite ■■■■■■.

I can confirm that I had turned the volume up by clicking the “PLUS” icon a few times on my Windows 10 PC with my mouse. It then just carried on ticking up. It was like it registered 10000 clicks or something.

I have Geforce Shadowplay installed on my PC so i’ll try and record it next time.

It’s only happened once in a probably about 100hrs of listening and it may never happen again.

Just letting you know it has happened though.

Of course there was an update yesterday/today on all of my devices.

Could be a system damaging problem so worth investigation.

Lumin Firmware 13 introduced a Max Volume % setting adjustable in Lumin iOS app 6.1.17. Using this feature Roon Volume 100 can optionally be rescaled to a lower actual volume to protect your speakers. In addition, the new Leedh Processing Volume uses a much better algorithm for digital volume implementation.

Hi @Martijn_Edelman,

I definitely recommend setting volume limits for this device as mentioned above.

If you do see this happen again, we would definitely like to investigate further and we are hoping you could do the following:

  • Capture video of the issue occurring and share it here
  • Make a note of the time it happens
  • Respond here with the video, the time, and use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link.


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Just had this happen again…

Almost smashed my mechanical keyboard running to the Naim Unity Atom to pull the plug. Would have blown my £1000 speakers for sure.

Recorded it on YouTube:

Note I pressed + to turn up the volume and it just kept on going. Ran and pulled the plug to the Atom so playback stopped. Took the video when the Atom was back online so nothing is playing automatically of course.

I did battle with the volume with the mouse but as you can see it has no effect.

The only solution is to close the Roon App on my Windows 10 PC and then Re-open it.

Even if you turn the device/endpoint off - as soon as it’s back online it continues to try to set the volume to 100%. Luckily nothing was playing of course when the endpoint came back online.

I have a Roon logfile if you need developers?

I think you need to put some sort of safeguard in the software…


Nothing from Roon Support? This is quite a dangerous issue.

I tried looking at the link above where you apparently moved this thread but that does not work.

Hello @Martijn_Edelman,

Thanks so much for following up on your post and for sharing the video illustrating the issue. I’m sorry it’s returned… :pensive:

Could you please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link?

Also, sharing the time this happened would be a tremendous help :pray:

Howdy Rebeka
Thanks for the response.

This happened at 13:45 on 15/07/2021 literally a few minutes before that clip I sent to YouTube.

When I closed and re-opened the app; the problem went away.

Here is the latest logfile from Roon after I closed it so you should see all entries related to that error:

Let me know when you have it and i’ll delete the file.



Hello Roon Support
Should I delete that logfile now? lol it’s been a while.


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