Without Qobuz access, again

Just for the record, I cannot access again my Qobuz account, correct email adress, correct password, reboot, etc. etc. from Roon.

I hope Qobuz will be back soon, five hours the last time, this month.

Kind Regards

I have the same issue.

What locations?
Seems to be fine in USA East Coast atm

It’s fine in Colombia, too.

I am in Buenos Aires. Now, Qobuz access from Roon, at 12.22 pm is working. Not this morning.

So a regional glitch, which happens Im afraid.
Glad you have it back online!

The glitches have been more frequent of late. I’ve had 3 in the last week, based in the UK…

This is one reason I pay for both Tidal and Qobuz. Seems like a lot of people have problems with Qobuz, although I never have. IDK?

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I honestly do not think the USA gets as many, if any outages as some other countries do Jim.
I can also say I have not had an outage although its not much consolation for those who do I know.

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