Wonder what's in Release 175?


Tried it now myself. :slight_smile:

So, if a CD will get identified one can afterwards use export and metadata will get written to that files. The known restrictions apply (no fancy stuff, just the basics which rovi allows to get exported).

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(Geoff Coupe) #22

What is the basic set of metadata that can be exported? I’m sure it’s been listed in the forum somewhere, but I can’t track down the post… Thanks


I thinks the allowed tags are listed somewhere in the licence.

I cannot give a good example right now because Roon had not all metadata for the CDs I’ve tried the feature with.

(Сергей Михайлов) #24

I would like the CD ripping option to be disabled in the ROCK default settings and it would be possible if necessary to enable this option for those who need it (so as not to make two versions of ROCK: with and without CD ripping option).
I believe that the additional functionality of the OS, which is not directly related to the main function of audio playback, never benefits the playback process itself (its quality).

(Mr Fix It ) #25

As long as no CD drive is plugged into the USB port there is no indication that CD ripping is there at all.

(Сергей Михайлов) #26

This does not mean that the corresponding process does not work in the background (usually it works).

(Masala Tea) #27

But USB devices detection still run, for sure. CD drive is not the only one and the new one.


Why it makes no difference to anything. It makes no difference to sq if that’s what your worried about. Sounds exactly the same as before. People really need to chill out about this. If you don’t want it don’t use it simple.

(Henry) #29

Looking at the ROCK admin page, there is no difference with no optical drive in place. When an optical drive is added then the page changes. To my mind that suggests that the default is disabled and is auto-enabled when the right hardware is detected.


The OS will only load a driver for a device that is connected. Don’t connect a device and nothing will be loaded. There maybe some detection logic in the UI to decide whether to show the CD ripping controls, but I imagine this will only run when the UI is actually accessed.

(Сергей Михайлов) #31

I’m not sure.

(Сергей Михайлов) #32

OK. And let’s ask @danny to tell us if an additional process/processes is added that is constantly running on the system even without connecting a usb CD drive?
(Unfortunately, ROCK is a closed system and we cannot check it ourselves.)


I am as I am using it and heard no difference.

(Danny Dulai) #34

@Katun, what exactly are you concerned about that could impact SQ? An extra process? An extra thread? Extra memory allocated? What do you think is happening that could impact SQ?

We don’t like to talk about the internal details of Roon OS because we change it freely. What may be true today is not true in the next release.

For example:

If I told you we did that work using fewer processes but more threads, would you be concerned? How about if I did it using 2 extra processes, but overall CPU and memory load went down, would you be concerned? How about if I reduced all processes, threads, memory usage, etc, but activated an IRQ trigger of the CPU that was previously not used?

All the reason to test it with your ears and not by trying to “figure out” complex systems without the complete picture, which even an open operating system would not give you.

(Сергей Михайлов) #35

Hi @danny.
Please answer my question asked earlier:

Then I can answer yours.


Use your ears to find out :slight_smile:

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Pardon? :smiley:

(Danny Dulai) #38

I did by saying it doesn’t matter:

The reality is that I added 2 processes, and removed 2 processes. None of those processes directly related to CD ripping.

Now, go on, answer mine…

As snarky as @Tim_Rhodes is being, he is right. If this made a difference, you could use your ears to find out.

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This is the one part that I find very tiring about being active on an audiophile board… the endless audiophilic paranoia when it comes to possible SQ losses :stuck_out_tongue:.


I prefer, obtuse.

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