Wonder what's in Release 175?

(Сергей Михайлов) #41

Unfortunately, you avoided a direct answer to my question. Obviously you don’t want to answer it (you could have said that right away) - so I don’t insist on answering anymore.

Thanks, I laughed.

To hear the difference you need to compare two versions: with CD ripping and without it, and for this you need to add the ability to disable the CD ripping option. And even if the difference is not heard, it will not mean that it is not there - it may be below the threshold of audibility. But several such changes that are not heard separately in sum can give a very noticeable effect on hearing, which we will not hear already because we have previously ignored individual changes that are not heard by ear. This is a “cumulative” effect that should not be ignored in audio. And this is my audiophile experience in computer audio starting from the famous cMP2 project 10 years ago (do you know what that is? Actually all modern computer audio projects originate from this project).

(Chris ) #42

I think we all need a level of trust in the Roon team that they are not looking to damage the audio.
On a personal note, I do trust them and consider life too short to be obsessional about A/B testing everything they release when I could be just playing the music I want to hear.

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oh well… there goes your credibility. bye!

If anyone else wants to argue this point, answer my questions above before continuing.


I just want to thank you for adding the CD rip feature. It’s really convenient and I can’t hear any sound degradation after upgrading to 175, not that I expected that either. Thank you for your excellent work!


Same here, thanks.

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Bye-bye! :slight_smile: